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SMS and DNAs in the NHS – quick update

Following previous post I have had a chat with someone who has done SMS projects and health technology projects in Yorkshire and is going to look through and see if there are possibilities to take it further. They have done

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SMS and DNAs in the NHS – the technology is already available, it just needs to be networked

If anyone out there has been reading my blog since 2008, no idea if you exist, hello if so, you will know that I used to talk quite a bit about mobile phones and SMS. I was challenged by another

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SMS so far

Previous from blog – intro, people, tech Background The NGO currently has a community based around the world who can connect with each other by registering to use a separate proprietary online ‘community’ software – not related to the actual

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Learning by doing: Ushahidi

Ushahidi and FrontlineSMS are such an inspiration and example. They get things done. Ushahidi describe experiences with co-ordinating software development in one of the blog posts: One of the things we know about software developers contributing to open source projects

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Integrating SMS connectively, learning from each other through discussions

How, don’t know yet ? This is just a bunch of thoughts which I haven’t yet tried to relate to each other. New category feed for this mini-project: I would like to start looking at this – having asked

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