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Illustrated cells

There are many wonderful  places on the web where you can find medical art including – the amazing Jessica Palmer’s biophemera blog including Wear your science, wallpaper (I so hope she returns after summer), Anna Tanczos who creates 3D design

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Taekwondo, Time Magazine Vs Exercise

Oh it was so good to go back tonight ! I was relatively rubbish, it felt like I had forgotten everything until the end when we did breaking boards for the first time. I managed to break one with an

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Economic Manhattan Project

Edge has recently released footage of the Economic Manhattan Project which has been kicked off by a conference at the beginning of May. In December, Edge published “Can Science Help Solve the Economic Crisis?” by Mike Brown, Stuart Kauffman, Zoe-Vonna

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B (shorter): MBA rankings, Second Life econ, maths & science

Release of the Global MBA and Business School rankings in the Financial Times today. They offer a range of ways to explore – charts, tables, maps and directory. The video explains more about the process or you can search through each group

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A (longer post)UPDATED: MBA rankings, second life and small but painful human suffering

(if you are looking for a shorter post, please read B above) Interesting to see Global MBA and Business School rankings in the Financial Times today. They offer a range of ways to explore – charts, tables, maps and directory.

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Assuming Nothing: Auditing Your Understanding

  It is really difficult to try and create an assessment of what areas and levels of knowledge in different subjects are needed, in order to understand economic blog posts, ideas, books etc or what do I know, what do

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