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Biology Coursework 2: plant hormone development

The second piece of coursework involves either a visit and write up or a report on an area of biological interest. I am hoping to arrange a visit in Leeds in the next few weeks but if not will write

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Training update – more strength training needed

I ran to & up Box Hill again yesterday – it was slightly better than last time – I took one less break and halved the time of the others, although at one point I had to take a very

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Cook Ding’s Kitchen and Practical Daoism in Everyday Life

Cook Ding’s Kitchen was one of the earlier martial arts blogs I found when I first started looking several years ago. He has recently released a book –Cook Ding’s Kitchen – a kung fu carry out – Practical Daoism in Everyday

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Quantified Self meetup in London

The meetup was led by a nice lady, Adriana Lukas. It was at Google Campus – they have some seats where we could sit before the meetup officially started. It felt a bit like and not-like the hub, certainly some

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Superhuman and Medicine collections at the Wellcome Museum

Conveniently located – a 5 minute walk from Euston rail station. The Superhuman exhibition finishes tomorrow so just managed to get there in time. Icarus and Daedalus seemed a very suitable start. Some notes: a pair of gloves with sticks

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History of Anatomy talk at RPS by Simon Chaplin

Simon Chaplin is Head of the Wellcome library and he visited the Royal Pharmaceutical Society earlier this evening to give a talk on the History of Anatomy, kindly provided by the British Society for the History of Pharmacy. They are

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Surgeons’ Hall Museum Edinburgh

We visited yesterday morning for an hour. Incidentally, I’m not using the bite clicker now to relieve bites as don’t want to get attuned to a click. Am using TCP liquid antiseptic and the smell enough is something else –

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