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Violence series: introduction

This will be a 4 part mini-series including this post – may get all the posts out by the end of the weekend, hopefully but will see. Just wanted to add briefly by way of an introduction that in addition

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Cyberaggression and bloodless violence

Several years ago I tried to reflect on some martial arts I have done in How violent am I – parts 1, 2, 3 and various other posts. I have experienced different levels of violence too as in beyond a 1:1

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Quantified Self meetup in London

The meetup was led by a nice lady, Adriana Lukas. It was at Google Campus – they have some seats where we could sit before the meetup officially started. It felt a bit like and not-like the hub, certainly some

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Surgeons’ Hall Museum Edinburgh

We visited yesterday morning for an hour. Incidentally, I’m not using the bite clicker now to relieve bites as don’t want to get attuned to a click. Am using TCP liquid antiseptic and the smell enough is something else –

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hypothesis update – not there yet – part 1

Can’t do experiment at the moment due to insect bites from Scotland (forgot to take the clicker with me) so want to wait until my arm is interference-free. Still struggling to work out if experiment is not left open-ended, what

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Markku Parviainen: Taekwondo & children: problem in the future

Coach Markku Parviainen has an interesting post and blog comment about how childrens’ fitness has changed in the last ten years and how/where/what training needs to be adapted to take account of this: Children today are not in good shape

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new experiment – details to follow soon

If I am scientist then I am a fairly terrible one. I have tried one experiment in a learning network before and it produced some very strange side-effects but then if you try and link things to your physiology in

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