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Biology Coursework 2: plant hormone development

The second piece of coursework involves either a visit and write up or a report on an area of biological interest. I am hoping to arrange a visit in Leeds in the next few weeks but if not will write

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Biology practical coursework 1

There are two pieces of practical coursework that I need to complete in addition to following various practical experiments. I will be getting a science kit soon to assist. The first piece I am aiming to complete before end of

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Gently does it – pelvis and transverse abdominis

Following second appointment with physio today, am going to work on transverse abdominis muscles whilst continuing with exercises to strengthen pelvic floor. My medicine ball (3 kg) arrived today but I was advised not to use yet for e.g. situps

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untangling tangles to create new tangles

Whilst continuing to not really settle, have decided as of today (well slightly been deciding since Friday) to not focus on pain & learning or any other learning projects outside of job and refocus again on all things physiotherapy (not

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Lorimer Moseley on pain

Haven’t organised everything yet but just going through some old feeds and via, a great video of Lorimer Moseley talking about pain. Lorimer Moseley also writes at Body in Mind which covers recent clinical research into chronic pain. They

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project – pain and learning technologies – interested?

Please let me know if you would be interested in collaborating, especially if interested in psychological side as I would prefer to focus on physiological. Medical / health professional experience not required, just a lot of enthusiasm and commitment for

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Controlling drug release through Osmotic systems

by Adeline Siew for PharmTech which is a great resource if you want to find out about all the latest methods and technologies in drug development. For historical views, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society museum has some great resources too. She mentions

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#Parkinson’s awareness week – facing discrimination

Master Mark was interviewed on BBC today discussing life with Parkinson’s and facing discrimination including his arrest during the Olympic cycle race last year, for not smiling. Video – apologies not possible to embed at this time Guardian report

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Doctors, Dissection and Resurrection Men

I had a half day today so went with one of my team to London Museum’s Doctors, Dissection and Resurrection Men which tells many tales of ‘burking’ / bodysnatching from graves and in some cases both Edinburgh and London –

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experiment update – hibernation

I forgot to post about this. I realised at end of November that it would be impossible to do during winter. Too many sleeves and it’s not possible to put the clicker inside and press it, I tried wedging it

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Thumb exercises

There are lots of resources publicly available showing different exercises. So will see what difference it makes. I have some grippers that I can use too and spongy ball, elastic bands, don’t have little marbles but can find something round

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Healthcare Informatics Forum Mooc

I am currently following the second component of this interesting and informative forum about healthcare informatics – looking at structures, diagnosis and therapies in the cultures of healthcare. I have found some similarities in how the structure of the data

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Under Freud’s couch

Four or five tube stops is not much of a pilgrimage but…I headed up a short path and came out onto a peaceful road which looked very pretty with streetlights glowing, shadows of hedges and trees, rain softly falling –

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Quantified Self meetup in London

The meetup was led by a nice lady, Adriana Lukas. It was at Google Campus – they have some seats where we could sit before the meetup officially started. It felt a bit like and not-like the hub, certainly some

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Superhuman and Medicine collections at the Wellcome Museum

Conveniently located – a 5 minute walk from Euston rail station. The Superhuman exhibition finishes tomorrow so just managed to get there in time. Icarus and Daedalus seemed a very suitable start. Some notes: a pair of gloves with sticks

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History of Anatomy talk at RPS by Simon Chaplin

Simon Chaplin is Head of the Wellcome library and he visited the Royal Pharmaceutical Society earlier this evening to give a talk on the History of Anatomy, kindly provided by the British Society for the History of Pharmacy. They are

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Experiment Hypotheses finally

This sounds rude but giggles aside and moving on to scientific discovery… When following a pattern of thinking ‘itch’ that involves muscle contraction in arm and hand, pressing the device will not have any effect in changing the pattern and

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Arms (warning – detailed anatomy visuals contained in this post)

Also AnatomyZone via Jane Mooney. The photo below is of an arm (not mine) You can just about make out the veins etc and the overall muscle shape. I have since discovered that I am unable to take a decent

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Surgeons’ Hall Museum Edinburgh

We visited yesterday morning for an hour. Incidentally, I’m not using the bite clicker now to relieve bites as don’t want to get attuned to a click. Am using TCP liquid antiseptic and the smell enough is something else –

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hypothesis update – not there yet – part 1

Can’t do experiment at the moment due to insect bites from Scotland (forgot to take the clicker with me) so want to wait until my arm is interference-free. Still struggling to work out if experiment is not left open-ended, what

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