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Then and now – Parliament Square, democracy and repression.

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Back in 2007, Brian Haw battled against a government desperate to close his, by then, 6 year long vigil. While his own small encampment held ground, he was gradually joined by others, a few legitimate supporters,…

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Autumn leaves – Oxford

The first day without rain so far since I arrived here. Apparently we’re due a hurricane which will result in a major leaf fall so thought I’d pop out whilst I can. Some lovely colours – a very short walk

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Senior members of the Conservatives think the reorganisation of the NHS is their biggest mistake. Senior members of the Conservative party think the NHS is a mistake and have been actively implement anything that tries to destroy it, since 1948.

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Moving (again)

I joined our wonderful Leeds NHS campaign group for the 29th September march in Manchester last year and have been out campaigning with them ever since, talking with people wandering through Leeds. Especially poignant and also exciting this week, joining

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Networked learning for WFD

Just going through some bits and pieces and come across this which I wrote a little while ago. Where next for networked learning for Workforce Development in the NIHR CRN? X & X are currently investigating integration of Google Apps

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British Taekwondo Nationals 2014

Wonderful as ever to be reunited with Mole Valley club members. Proud of all of them. The standard of the competitors was high and the level of fitness seemed higher. The mats also now have blue hexagons rather than squares

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It’s not about winning or losing, it’s whether you fight – Tony Benn – Will & Testament

This was a very moving documentary of Tony Benn’s life and political campaigning both in and out of office. Fascinating to hear of his views, his mistakes, his family, his principles. Saw footage of the Jarrow marchers marching and the

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