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lots of shiny new policies at NHA party

Having recently passed our 2nd birthday, we are one terrific toddler ! There are so many people working really hard to get us to where we are today. Proud of NHA Party and their policies, yes please, decent people developing

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the easiest way to ugrade fitness routine

Do when tired Lose count of number of press-ups, situps, lunges  you’ve done Add in extra 10 by mistake Lose concentration as quickly as possible Repeat 3 days in, now at 40 of everything, medicine ball and burpees have yet

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Rainy sunset in North Oxon

I was in a bus moving at speed so lots of blurry photos but the colours were beautiful

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Difficult Paths – Cook Ding’s Kitchen On a lighter note. I am once again sans WTF, a few ITF places near but depends on where I end up living in the slightly longer than very near future. especially. The kids in AWTC Surrey have grown

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Carfax Tower

So far in Oxford I have sat on top of Oxford Castle Mound but randomly wandering past on Sunday, decided to go higher so went up Carfax Tower. It’s  £2.50 but great views once you’ve wound your way up the

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Then and now – Parliament Square, democracy and repression.

Originally posted on indyrikki:
Back in 2007, Brian Haw battled against a government desperate to close his, by then, 6 year long vigil. While his own small encampment held ground, he was gradually joined by others, a few legitimate supporters,…

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Autumn leaves – Oxford

The first day without rain so far since I arrived here. Apparently we’re due a hurricane which will result in a major leaf fall so thought I’d pop out whilst I can. Some lovely colours – a very short walk

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