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How to roll out a new computer system in 9 easy steps

Originally posted on Freedom From Command And Control:
1. Have an off day Most big computer systems start with an off day. A senior person in an organisation has a difficult morning and by the afternoon, they have unwittingly committed…

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Polling boxes and ‘the count’ during hours of darkness

This has been bothering me since attending the count. We do our main election count at night. Some other countries don’t. As an election volunteer for a candidate, you are entitled to view the counting process. You can view polling

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Dear Patients of the NHS

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Our Response to the Five Year Plan for the National Health Service

Originally posted on Defend our NHS York:
In 2014, Simon Stevens was appointed chief executive of NHS England. In October 2014, NHS England published a FIVE YEAR FORWARD VIEW FOR THE NHS. Although no public response was invited, nor opportunity…

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advice about returning to training after a break

I’m in the process of relocating to Surrey and starting a new job in London next week. I hope to go back to training at my old club at some point in August, or should I say rediscover the floor

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Leaving nobody behind in bad health requires Universal Health Coverage

Originally posted on – what comes after the MDGs?:
This post, written by Rob Yates, health consultant at Chatham House and former Senior Health Economist at WHO, is the third in our blog series which aims to explore how the…

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Ways you can help NHS staff campaign for restoration of the NHS

After the latest piece of savagery from Westminster yesterday, it’s a wonder that they keep doing their amazing jobs and thank goodness they do or we’d all be stuffed. One of the easiest things for Westminster and its apologists is

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