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It’s the Tories that want something for nothing: the democratic contract and government responsibility

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The Conservative defense of increasing economic inequality, the lionisation of Randian, Libertarian, selfish individualism and the proliferation of ideological justification narratives regarding the dismantling of the “Big (Welfare) State”, where the latter, in Orwellian…

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Insidious invisibility and the death of doing – British Library Power and Propaganda exibition

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I am using the #BLpropaganda hashtag (just an hour spent on twitter would probably reveal many hashtags which could be interpreted and also deliberately used as propaganda). I think they have a good mix of…

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Originally posted on Mole Valley to ????:
Interesting article in BBC Wildlife magazine by Bill Oddie about why conservation is so important.  He often get involved with opening this new Nature Reserve or that Conservation Project, and invariably there is always…

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Get your on and offline bottoms to Witney

The cancer doctor who launched a political party to save the NHS and is standing against David Cameron in Witney is calling on the Prime Minister to debate him on the NHS, which is currently the number one issue in

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If you read one thing today, please read this

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Recent sunsets – Oxon

Recent sunsets in Witney & Oxford

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Breaking The Big Money Cycle

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Originally posted on NHAspace:
It costs a Conservative candidate £34,000 of their own money to get a seat in the Commons. Nearly half of MPs elected in 2010 took a pay cut to enter parliament. Put these facts together, and…

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