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Many generations have suffered in different ways because of ideas picked up on management courses that are totally unrelated and do not work in the environments they have been recommended. I believe this is because they do not come from the environments in which they have been recommended. This appears to be reaching new heights in the UK with decades of rubbish pedalled mostly by US interests who crash economies at regular intervals, create fake markets etc And their specialist skills (the ones of which they have experience) seem to consist of fraud at a number of levels and covering them up.

I worked for PwC as some people reading this blog may know – I applied for an online learning role at the recommendation of a colleague in Poole where I was working at the time. I was on a second interview somewhere else too at the time but I thought at the time, this was going to be an amazing experience. Like others involved with teaching, training and online learning fed on a diet of so-called management wisdom I thought this was a great thing to do. I realised after taking the role that it wasn’t for me, it was too easy to become part of a culture that had people who thought that they deserved to be where they were, because they had offices in over 180 countries, that somehow made them more important than they were, that because they worked for hours doing something, they deserved more than others, that somehow they were better than others. Had I heard about PFI and other monstrosities in public services I would have left sooner. I’m sure it’s the same across the other 3 and worse across all 4.

There still seem to be generations who are fed on this diet too but don’t really try to pull it apart – and as blogged several years ago some people go on MBAs or similar where they just continue to absorb models of so-called management and business wisdom and it continues.

A Pulse article shows that management consultancy spend has apparently decreased from a group of determined companies and individuals who celebrate destruction of public services, create industries out of nothing and charge ridiculous fees that bankrupt organisations which of course is their intention – how else can you succeed in the destruction. But it continues with the appalling tender for external consultants to advise CCGs – why – because they think they’re worth it – their unprofessional services and mismanagement consultancy.

Executive and management education is not going to change any time soon, yet another industry out of an industry of nothing. And no doubt academic writing will be full of the theorizing about the why, what and how. There should be a new class of visa in the UK specifically for management consultancies, professional services and the UK based ones who have operations in other countries.







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