designing a new website and tools

I’m not well enough to go to tkd today so settling down here instead but enough of that.

The Where to Start? question and others

  • What are you trying to do?

Have a more permanent website and bring a new look to it by updating & recycling my own coding, understanding and explaining the process along the way

  • Why does it matter to you?

I would like to encourage more adoption of open source technologies and ability to access, share & remix what has been published. I created my first website with LAMP hosting in 2005. The online world may now be more complex but principles have not. I would like to have an online ‘home’ and a place to try out new ideas, reflect on issues, provide opportunities for it to become more collaborative than previously.

  • Who are your target audience/s?

People who have read my blog/s and other work and visit here. I don’t know because people don’t often leave comments so can only use some pointers from web statistics about the demographics, types of referrers, searches and build on those.

People I work with, people I might like to work with in the future, employment agencies & networks, anyone who is interested in getting to know me in some way.

People who have less experience of some areas that I currently write about and/or work in and would like to know more.

  • What matters to them?

The ones who I follow write about e.g. martial arts, web design, good design, learning technologies and education, improving health. I don’t know out of the people I follow in whatever shape or form, how many read my blogs or other work, unless they have chosen to make that explicit.

I can also look through my most popular posts to get an idea, and because I only have a third of my overall twitter archive (I changed accounts 3 times since 2006 and the older ones are not available), I can look through to see if any retweeted or shared on FB. However, any inferences I make about e.g. the topic I have written, the language I’ve used, the tone used, the media used, the length etc are entirely my own.

Whilst thinking through the above, I’ve tried to pull together, mostly out of Delicious library some links which could make up a design toolbox (there are many more links but I’m pruning for this activity only). It will not include any html5, css3 and php or web design classics (although most of the websites feature below anyway), will reference those along the way. Will go and delve through the below next few days.


Web Design general reference

Responsive Design

Sketching, Wireframes, Prototyping

Online card sorting & collaborative writing

Overall Toolboxes