Cyberaggression and bloodless violence

Several years ago I tried to reflect on some martial arts I have done in How violent am I – parts 1, 2, 3 and various other posts. I have experienced different levels of violence too as in beyond a 1:1 contact – maybe will post on that in the future but not right now. Over the next week or so I am going to clarify further what I think about behaviour, relationships, psychology and psychiatry as I have only written very briefly in the past and it could have meant anything.

I will also be relating these to what I have experienced using technologies – which I attempted to summarise in a tweet recently – a sliding scale of interactions with techology – soft&cuddlyware, software, hardware, horridware and I think I could add a fifth stopover with harshware between hard and horrid.

There are some martial artists with more experience than me who are attempting to try and relate their experiences and compare with relationships with others using technologies e.g.  WeaknesswithaTwist There are no masters of dealing with online aggression and most martial artists that I have spoken with have limited experiences with online/mobile/whatever technologies. It is an area in which to learn, not an invitation to inflict violence on people who are using technologies.

Aggression as referred to above with violence is not necessary a 1:1 or several:1 especially online. The injuries are not dealt with in the same way, the movements are not the same and so any recovery & therapy is not going to be the same (this comes back to an understanding of the present without reference to the past – will explain more in another post, don’t have time now) In the meantime – this is a fantastic summary of relational aggression by Elaine Hartjes and can be applied to both adults and children. Also

and at a more organisational level Cyber aggression and its discontents

I am wary of anyone including martial artists who claim to have quick or easy answers, wins, fixes to these issues due to the majority of people who have used the internet and mobile phones only being in the last ten or so years or less. That is a very short period of time in which to come up with answers – this is related to my previous post on a wish for a separate ethics ‘committee’ to be connected with the SoLAR learning analytics research community – as a way of learning together with students, their peers, parents. (and to clarify in spite of what I wrote about rolling committees there – emotion got the better of me – I meant it should change every year so that previous participants can connect with new members and knowledge grows.)

I guess another question with that is whether artificially intelligent bots should also be part of the committee –  my personal opinion is yes (but then I’d be happy to train in martial arts with robots – especially like those cool tai chi ones in the videos – although not full-contact sparring e.g. the man in Australia a few years ago who tried to karate chop a train)

Anyway to get back to the other point, machines can learn too and there may be significant numbers of people who don’t know whether they are being communicated with in a violent/non-violent form by a bot using any technology that allows interaction.