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Smoke Symphony

in response to synchronicity Threading their way through the narrow cobbled streets, the evening sun bouncing off stonewashed walls and catching sequins and silk that cast sparks through the shadows. Dodging cats, doors and windows suddenly opening outwards and listening

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MASC2012 – Martial Arts Summer Camp in Bude, August 2012

Preparations (i.e. Jason walked up to Upper Lynstone Caravan Park and asked if they mind having a bunch of people occasionally shouting, kicking, waving arms etc for a week in August again) are underway for MASC2012 in Bude. All details

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Its more important to be a better human being than a better martial artist

Said Master Mark after seeing my twitter page – he has just joined @elcaptainegonzo. So I asked him at training today for more information i.e I have been trying to do both for the last three years and don’t seem

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Unfolding diamonds in the dust 2

Have been thinking about this more since yesterday – its all very well saying learning could be what it already is but what does that mean in terms of education and change? An act of unfolding is an act of

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Unfolding diamonds in the dust

Have moved around enough in the last ten years only to discover that however much you think you are clearing out, there is always more stuff than you think you have. The dust that has emerged is a welcome reminder

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Why are you trying to go back not just to one broken system but two?

A very good friend asked me this a couple of weeks ago. She was someone that I contacted a few years ago when first starting to try and consider what I was going to do with the rest of my

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