Brief update re aikido and philosophy

I went back to tkd to watch, good indication – bowing of any kind is not comfortable still – useful to observe the poomsae and drills to try and remember things. Still maybe a couple of weeks away from returning.

Anyway, mentioned stuff from blog post earlier to my instructor and a couple of others – he said that it didn’t make sense too and that he had never really understood the philosophies of this kind around aikido. He mentioned something – I can’t find the source “Everything is a lie including what I tell you”, it could even be a movie. He was saying along the lines of – you can’t go anywhere with it, somewhere along the way you need to make decisions and move on.

Also he thought that whilst the martial art of aikido was good, there had been a lot of focus on Morihei Ueshiba rather than the art itself. Then another senior student from my class started up a discussion along the lines of – why is it that we assume those who are 7/8/9th Dans know anything about philosophy anyway, sure they know a lot about a particular martial art, but why should that mean they know about philosophy. Its an interesting point. My instructor also mentioned in relation to taekwondo or other arts, its not about what I teach you its about what you do with it. Well that makes some kind of sense.