Grace in Small Things 9

Walking a little bit more easily

It sounded like three horses were having a conversation in a field I walked past – I’m not an expert in horse communication but there were little pauses then another ‘comment’ from each different horse.

Realising after I was back at home that had been walking around with my trousers half-undone but no-one appeared to notice

Chatting with a friend about feet, spas and jobs, planning a night out

Started reading a library book – the 2009 edition of Rupert Sheldrake’s “A New Science of Life” (a book that a Nature editor wanted burnt). I am still in very early days of understanding genetics so morphogenetic fields are a bit beyond me at this point but its really fascinating. I’m following along slowly. Decided to also check out his critics online too before getting into it. Also have Bad Science queuing when finishing this so it should be interesting.