Time to dust off the self-discipline

My back has been improving – have survived the last two weeks at work – just – managed one overnight trip and presentations/workshops too. Standing is painful still but improving. I’ve been doing the Qigong exercises since June 18th with exception of last weekend and one day this week.

I did rediscover chocolate and other worse things in the last few weeks – there appears to be a direct correlation (ok not totally mathematical one) between the amount of muscles that were in trouble and the amount of mental muscles (self disciplined ones) that also went into spasms. However – must balance itchiness with calm return – don’t want to overdo and make it worse. But not buying tempting foods would be a good start again – it must be that time of year.

Hello green vegetables

iceberg lettuce

I Haven’t practised any taekwondo patterns or tried any other taekwondo exercises but have decided to at least go and attend training tomorrow and see how the warmup goes – will be taking it very very lightly and easily but I’m hoping that because its not continual high impact like running/jogging, that I could at least try.

Chris at Martial Development has an interesting post on Qigong and emotional balance:

In a quiet meditative state, relationships and correspondences that were previously hidden or overlooked, become clear and credible. In other words, meditation allows for biofeedback training without the need for electronic biofeedback instrumentation. (1)

I was chatting with our totally lovely health and safety manager who is ex-military I think, about backs and qigong and stretches – sometimes when you talk with people (interestingly not in my current role at all) and you mention things like QiGong they look at you as if you said you are going to float around in some kind of haze (yes that really is a look), however maybe because my first experience of it was with my tkd instructor that I have never viewed it that way at all. And neither did our H&S manager.

Image courtesy of Lebewesen at MorgueFile

1. Chris H (2010) Qigong 102: Secrets of Meditation and Emotional Balance, Martial Development Blog, available at http://www.martialdevelopment.com/blog/qigong-meditation-and-emotional-balance/