Anatomy and Physiology PLE

human anatomy

Still working on this but starting to grow as follows using these body systems (there are others):

Breathing (respiratory) accessing new information, connecting with new ideas:- Google & Yahoo GroupsPhysio ForumNew Media ForumYoutube Physio playlist. Have not connected with any anatomy ‘buddies’ yet but need to spend more time on forums, slowly connecting to health and fitness professionals (outside of martial arts – network to follow in future post)

Reproducing (reproductive) retweets, sharing linksDelicious, sharing items on Google Reader

Digesting (digestive) aggregating feeds – Friendfeed, Pipes

Controlling Nerves (central & peripheral nervous) organising, labelling, filtering, tagging – tags for anatomyphysiology, physicaltherapy, medgen, movement, parkinsons, physiostudy folders on delicious, using #meded for any that I think may be of interest to #meded followers, separating martial arts temporarily. Sticking some stuff/thoughts on a wiki temporarily, but quite a lot of it is on this blog too.

Peeing (urinary)removing broken links and connections (not had to do so far)

Managing immunity (lymphatic) learning from behaviours of PLN, asking for feedback, kind of intimidated at the moment so not directly asking yet

Circulating / Pumping (cardiovascular) finding mobile alternatives when no access to pc using friendfeed mobile, and google reader mobile – this does work apart from not being able to bookmark interesting items – have to re-access when next connected to a pc. Continuing to very slowly investigate options for SMS and integrating with something else.

Monitoring and adjusting (endocrine) keyword alerts e.g blog, twitter searches – using hashtag ‘anatomy and physiology’ on twitter, following #physiotweets and some neuroscientists, google blog search, following physiobase and studymartialarts on FB

Structured (musculoskeletal) topic outlines – assessment for the course is end of topic then next topic released – is open ended in some ways but does follow a specific structure of body systems – having peeped at other courses, they seem to follow the same ones but not necessarily in same order. It  seems to make sense to look at cells, skins, tissues earlier rather than later, but very early days.

The distance learning I am following is a mix of textbooks, paper assessments and some presentations. Anything else is up to the learner including choice of textbooks (there is a recommended list). One of things missing from the ‘environment’ so far besides people, are strategies and resources for learning terminology and placement (at multiple levels) if you can’t find anyone to help learn with, then recording yourself is an option I guess. For example – I can look at structures of skin but when I look at my hands I can’t easily visualise the different tissue/cellular structures beneath the epidermal layer (i.e. what I can see of my skin) so trying to ‘map’ is not easy. I could go and draw round myself and somehow do that way.

Did experiment with plasticine – it was great initially – it really did help with shape and flow but took too long – so my niece and nephew now have a surplus of multicoloured plasticine. Doing little bits of sketching / colouring but not enough yet. Youtube is a seemingly endless source of delight – visualising whether in diagram or artistic interpretation or 3d anatomy. Have done a bit of overload on video this week on this blog, but saw this neuron one whilst looking at different tissue and thought wow, again

Whether in the future, I can create my own – that would be interesting – a comment from a kind anatomy and physiology lecturer last week made me think about it, but just do not have time at the moment. So its not earth-shatteringly exciting in terms of output from me, but making some kind of progress.

Image adapted courtesty of Alexander O’ Neill, available at


    • Hi Eduardo – thank you so so so much, I am still following your links and greatly appreciate your posts – I am still a bit conceptually confused but it does feel like it is making more sense. And yes this time it has helped with organising the learning – especially navigation and think about where I am and what I am doing. A huge thank you !

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