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Personal learning networks (2) its not about me, it just is

Ok, so its taken 12 years approximately and still don’t think am at a point where I understand what I am talking about…I think this is what I think now – there may be a personal learning networks 3 post

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Quick update connecting and massage

Just spent at a few hours at a local Surrey  healthcare open day at a vineyard that I didn’t know existed before Thursday, fairly near my home town. It was an opportunity to chat to anyone interested in volunteering in

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trying to figure out what I’m doing about a personal learning network

Waffle alert. At the moment I have this in relation to health: Well that’s not a network, its a bunch of words and letters.  I did have locations on it but have scrapped them because I couldn’t see the point

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70-68, now that IS a battle

I’m sure this is everywhere – I just saw the last 15 minutes – 11+ hours, over 3 days. 100 aces each!!! Can’t wait to see the rest. What kind of stamina, endurance to keep on going and going and

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Anatomy and Physiology PLE

Still working on this but starting to grow as follows using these body systems (there are others): Breathing (respiratory) accessing new information, connecting with new ideas:- Google & Yahoo Groups, Physio Forum, New Media Forum, Youtube Physio playlist. Have not connected with any anatomy

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QiGong exercises for lower back muscles

As follow up to yesterday – hope to by the end of the weekend to begin some gentle stretches.  Have looked at advice on the Eight Section Silk Brocade set from CloudHandsblog, also known as Ba Duan Jin: “Most people

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Be your own visual aid – back injury, diagnosis and recovery

Long post alert now and if you have a limited interested in muscles I wouldn’t hang around. Several weeks ago when I was learning about respiratory systems I conveniently caught a cold which was a great way to think about

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