International Missing Children’s Day – May 25th

We may still be in purdah but this isn’t about politics. Its not about one organisation solving this, it needs co-ordinated efforts so that people and information can connect when it matters most. More information available on Missing KidsMissing People, alsoNPIA relaunching Child Rescue alert today. We are also discussing ways of publicising and finding ways for forces to collaborate internally too. One of the team I work with is the editor of the Police Gazette which continues to publish information about crimes committed and information wanted by the police. There are horrendous stories relating to child trafficking which continues to haunt many lives:

Some stories do have good endings with people being found We know how this works – every little connection, every little sharing of information can help reunite families and repair lives. Wikis and Twitter brought people together quickly for Crisis Camps, we can continue to help in similar ways for missing children too.