Re-organising my online activity – taking stock

Met my a & p tutor via phone last night – it was really nice to connect. I mentioned that my impression so far – is partly like learning a new language – totally surrounded by hundreds (it may be thousands) of words that I am totally unfamiliar with, let alone what they all look like, how they are connected and how they move.  The content for this varies from basic – 1st yr of medical degree with possibly odd bit of 2nd yr too. She said that distance learning a&p very hard – most of her students end up coming in onto the f2f course.

I don’t want to predict my future on that one so decided to take stock of what I’m doing. Whatever I study is fitting around work and travel for work – its not always convenient to study on trains or sometimes if you arrive in places in evening you are too tired to focus that well – I have found a&p is probably harder in terms of intensity of concentration required because there is a huge amount of reading around. So, going to attempt to create what Eduardo and others would describe as PLE.

At the moment I communicate online as follows:
Email – for work – 2 email accounts + 1 online messaging one that behaves a bit like an email account. Personal –  2 now I think – 1 not using at all, 1 using too much.
Reader – 2 accounts, 1 available on mobile, 1 not
Skype / chat / IM / etc – hardly ever using right now due to no access during working hours (have now had same phone for nearly 2 yrs and its not good enough to run applications like Fring without the battery going instantly)
Twitter – from time to time, trying to use more again now – mostly use via phone – due to large amounts of train travelling, follow a lot of live train update tweets so miss lots of other ones in the deluge of that & some other organisation-type ones following – tend to use @reply & check those first. Use DM occasionally but can’t check DM on mobile twitter from phone so need to go back to email to check for replies which is not always possible (i.e. if you are moving around and lose reception etc).
Am no longer using any organisational type tools for managing twitter or other social networks / similar – due to using mostly on phone. The majority of my personal social network activity currently appears to be reading notifications – either RSS in reader / email / twitter then 2 min visits in. For work – my collaborative / networking activity is currently pretty much continuous during regular working hours and odd visit outside of that. I used to use much more organisational tools in previous years but in my current job is impossible.

I don’t find that RSS cuts down email traffic or helps ‘brain’ because still continuously exposed to a zillion pieces of information to read – slightly quicker than clicking to open email but its minimal difference really. Not really doing any aggregating – some with one of the readers but not much. Occasionally still use friendfeed but not much. I subscribe to Dawn Foster’s uberfeed, am wondering about uberfeeding –  stuff as a concept – can it cut down stuff. She had an interesting post about old school collaboration . I am not going to make it through the next 10/11 weeks if carry on the way I am. Hoping to review and sort out tomorrow pm if get the chance because out of main offices most of next week too. Will post then.