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physio feed frenzy

Have attempted to aggregate multiple feeds covering discussion forums from yahoo groups, 1 x google group, physio forums, new media medicine forums. Topics include physio, studying for medicine / physio,  general healthcare, alternative medicine and some martial arts. Have not

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a little story about my sister, cycling and humiliation

I have never really enjoyed cycling much – up until April last year had not really sat on a bike much since I was – can’t remember but will guess at 8-ish yrs old. I did it because that was

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update – fitness, discipline, work, course and connecting

I am thinking about postponing the July a&p exam, I have found out there is a September one. I’m not deciding definitely at this point but I am behind in the outlined schedule by a couple of weeks. I don’t

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International Missing Children’s Day – May 25th

We may still be in purdah but this isn’t about politics. Its not about one organisation solving this, it needs co-ordinated efforts so that people and information can connect when it matters most. More information available on Missing Kids, Missing People, alsoNPIA

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Taekwondo techniques – discipline and feeling them

At the moment its not going well – seem to be in a phase where just can’t find a way forward – am not going backward but just not improving. Some of that is due to more practice needed (been

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Anatomy animation

Still going through various links and trying to find a&p people to talk to –  will update in more detail at weekend-ish, in meantime – this has probably done the rounds over the years but:

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Re-organising 2.0, regenerating 2.2, physical edfutures 2.0 and facing reality 1.0 (well its 3.0 but publicly1.0)

Am going to tag this one with #edfutures but due to other strands coming in if you are unfamiliar with this blog it may involve extra post reading so sorry in advance if doesn’t make enough sense. I have been

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