Design and form, quick note

Related to Glory of Failure, I ended up there originally having read Design Disasters: Great Designers, Fabulous Failures and Lessons Learned via a Nicholas Nova blogpost.  There’s a fascinating chapter in there called Memory, Failure and Imagination where Peter Blegvad attempts to draw a lion from memory where he used a photograph, drew a lion from that and then tried to recreate it over the next few years – some of these pictures available via Imagined Observed Remembered:

“imaginative vision involves a failure of memory in that we can’t really see anew until we forget what we know”

Thought a lot about patterns last year and form in relation to learning about connectivism and learning theory as well as martial arts poomsae. Creating and shaping patterns, structures is part of design. Inspire UX had a great quote a few days ago

“Scientists try to identify the components of existing structures, designers try to shape the components of new structures.”  Notes on the Synthesis of Form by Christopher Alexander

I have just got the book above – it was written in 1964.  He looks at abstract relationships, patterns and geometry.
I am really looking forward to reading – hoping to connect more around form and how we personally form geometric shapes, what inspiration we find in both observing and forming shapes we find in our environments. I don’t know where I am going with this currently which is great.

I would recommend following InspireUX, it is great for a couple of minutes of reflection with the opportunity to explore further if wanted / have time. Another minute / 2 minute place I like visiting on the web is ToDo at ThingsWeForget

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1.Blegvad P, Heller S (2008), p84 Memory Failure and Imagination, Design Disasters: Great Designers, Fabulous Failures and Lessons Learned, Allworth Press