Contemplating a career change at the moment but this is very very early stages. Has been below the surface for a long time but not been able to get much beyond thinking yet, in fact the first time I wrote any of it down in any detail was last Saturday. Studying martial arts has definitely influenced both the decision and speed of decision in a positive way. I have spoken with some colleagues, some friends, some others and being very quiet about it until I could try and pull thoughts together because it is perhaps not an expected path, I also wanted to wait until I had a chance to speak with my manager who is a really wonderful person.

We had an opportunity to speak on Monday and explained as far as I had got in terms of thinking. She listened and was both supportive and encouraging (she has consistently been ever since I started my current job) – she asked me what they could do to support me and offered some really sensible advice about rearranging all the other activities I currently do outside of work and focus them better.

I have decided not to take the conventional route which is through higher education and look at alternative learning routes. Some of this thinking was recently influenced by cck09 as in this map of sorts:

I can’t remember exact dates and words but taking part in cck09 and listening to many people discussing models, including Ulop’s summary comment about Stephen Downes’s view on teachers demonstrating and modelling.  I then started thinking – ok I would like to do this, do I really need to go to university to do it? Would I ever get any work without it? What would be the benefit to myself and others if I go down this route, based on my entire web, technology and learning experience? What’s the worst that can happen?

I am going to  open up my learning journey, I hope to connect with many others who are in similar position or have similar aspirations. It would also be great to connect with experienced professionals.  I hope to use the experience I have to assist with these connections. This is very early days and all thoughts are currently scattered. I also need to physically put myself in the right position in order to make this succeed – I am very excited about the possibilities but also getting nearer being at peace so lots of great energies flowing on this and I hope will continue to do so.

I expect to be in my current contract for another month. It has been very hard going but lot of work hopefully due to be completed by 31st March after which it will still be really busy but am hoping some of the workload will ease slightly. I have also spent a lot of time outside of work involved in various things and quite simply – I’m tired. Had an initial burst of activity with spring cleaning but that has disappeared again and need to refocus and do it. Have not been picking up training & fitness enough again – been practising poomsae, managed approx 1-2 runs a week – reading things like the brilliant Zen Habits helps especially about dealing with non-simplifying – I really liked each of these methods and can learn a lot from them.

Sooooo, hair up, sleeves up –  this weekend is training + sort out house, not be content with tiny victories,  plan fitness and practice routines,  sort out diet (again, this has been a better week though but its not consistent week to week), unfortunately I didn’t make Cook Kitchen’s Lenten Challenge but will start a new routine as of Monday. Plant vegetable seeds as well as virtual ones too.

I’ve been on quite a few trains this week and its been beautiful seeing the seasons changing

With thanks to turtlehawk at Morguefile