Crisis Camp London is back this Saturday 20th March!

Oh Yes ! Really looking forward to popping back up to London this Saturday afternoon. Since the previous one, project work has been supporting projects in Chile as well as continuing with existing Haiti ones. Heather explains the background as a co-founder and how they were able to move instantly into support of Chile:

CrisisCamps and volunteering:

We donate our time and skills. Volunteering enriches us by helping us to grow and develop, often by being exposed to people and learning to use tools that might not otherwise cross our paths.

We use our knowledge and technical abilities to help out.

We work together. You don’t have to take on a huge task by yourself. We help you find the right place and ways to use your skills.

Volunteer communities can get things done quickly when working together. Think of a barn-raising – an entire barn can be built in one day when enough people work together. In a volunteer technical community, you probably won’t be getting your hands dirty, but you can see results quickly.
What are the benefits

  • Contribute your knowledge to “help the helpers” or a “local community in need” during an emergency
  • Learn new skills, share your skills
  • Grow your leadership skills by mentoring, teaching and sharing
  • Embrace the power of the Internet: crowdsource, opensource, collaborate across cities/countries/continents
  • Meet great people in your community, nationally and internationally
  • Meet peers within your discipline who also believe in the power and beauty of volunteering technical skills
  • Create social media, new media content
  • Join a movement, tell your story/our story
  • Spread your wings: apply your volunteer communities or even your workplace

How we use collaboration, crowdsourcing, and open source

Collaboration is the act of working on a project together by sharing knowledge, learning and building consensus. We collaborate on projects and developing infrastructure, both in person and using free online services (Evernote, wikis, IRC, etc). We also collaborate with CrisisCamps in other cities to leverage their knowledge and experience to meld with our own.

Leveraging the mass collaboration enabled by various technologies to achieve common goals is crowdsourcing. Collective content is put into “the cloud” to be used as needed. Crowdsouricng enables us to pull in resources from anyone, anywhere.

Open source
Open source describes practices in production and development that promote access to the source material of the end product – typically, the source code. When we work on projects at a CrisisCamp, there is no one owner for the work produced. All contributors are releasing rights to their contributions into the ether for the greater good.

Is there any better way to work ! If you want to work virtually with us at CrisisCampLondon, please feel free follow, or me, or join us in the chat