Cultural Sharing exhibition and any other cck09 bits

This is a copy of my mini-post on Ning about it and also anything else thought to add in today. Have aggravated thumb injury in training today so finding it somewhat painful to type. I wasn’t sure whether to just leave it on there and finish that way but having done all other cck09 blog entries here, I thought it would be good here as well.

It was a nice surprise a couple of weeks ago to find that John was still interested in carrying on the conversation about how to plan and connect – in a virtual way  for exhibitions and I have found every single thought from him both moving and deeply insightful – thanks again especially to John, I feel very inspired by connecting  on this project.  We discussed lots of different options and thoughts about augmented reality, presenting virtually. Due to last minute, I put John’s presentations combined into one voicethread for the day as a kind of set of digital artefacts that visitors could comment on – the idea being that because it is a public voicethread, anyone can comment on too. I think unfortunately I forgot to circulate the URL due to something else unexpectedly happening on the day which was a pain but not at all intended !

The exhibition took place last Wednesday. Unfortunately Tessy was unable to make on the day but her magic was still present everywhere – lots of happy and excited faces – it was great to see all the students who had been involved in the original workshop not just exhibiting but taking so much interest in all the other areas too – everyone had lots of questions for each other.

We put this voicethread up during the day. We had tech problems and tried 3 different microphones, unfortunately by time we had one working, no one else wanted to leave a voice comment. We very nearly linked up with a headteacher in Uganda but they were unable to access the internet.

The whole exhibition was lovely – at times like a festival. The I LoveSurrey Wall, Sharing Stories postcard collaboration, Wii Olympics were a huge hit and attracted a lot of interest with people flowing through the exhibition area. They used sharing experiences booth at the Monday event. Everyone who looked at the Voicethread – some people kept returning to look at several times – they all wanted to know who had provided these amazing pictures.

Everyone who walked past the Sharing Stories – looked up and stopped to read a few, also with the I Love Surrey wall – they are going to leave these up for the next few days to see if any more get added. Some photos already up on the CulturalAcademyNing. Some of the videos starting to go up on CulturalShare – over the next few days this will continue to grow across the globe:

Norman’s initial feedback is that he thought it had been a great success. I personally have been so fortunate & feel a bit overwhelmed throughout this project to connect with, both students and staff – incredibly smart, inspiring, thoughtful people who work so hard to improve education.

In terms of other cck09 mini project looking at SMS – I actually have no clue what is happening because the NGO has been heavily involved in both Haiti, Chile and other related projects. I think my involvement in it has probably finished. It was an interesting concept to explore at least – I think they are still looking at ways  of connecting with web discussions beyond mainstream social networking options but I have not spoken with them directly about this, so not really sure. There was an interesting post via Putting People first about people connecting with mobile whilst in physical environment today.

So where does this leave everything – I have been thinking continuously at times about sharing over the last 10 days or so as a result of the activity and discussion around the exhibition. I did not complete cck09 whilst involved in an education role so do not have groups of students that can try anything else out with. I have got back a deepamehta login, so will shortly begin to develop my concept/career map in more detail that I began in previous post about understanding your environment better. I am still trying to understand my environment a little better at the moment because I have been making changes this year, still more to do. Less talking, more doing ! I need to carry on learning to connect and share better in spite some of the challenges I am facing at the moment. I need to go back and revisit languages so that I can connect with others better too. I will publish that once I’ve discovered how to do that. And take it from there.

Too many Is in this post again, but that is going to change – as per post earlier this week, put other people first – then the rest will take care of itself !