CrisisCamp London Week 6: Karma, massage and pizza

Crisis Camp for Haiti, London, Sat 27 Feb – Volunteers wanted in exchange for karma points, free massage from & pizza from Domino’s.

We’re looking for anyone with programming, communications & publicity, French – English translation, local knowledge of culture or locale, relief work experience, IT project management, facilitation and admin skills or just time on your hands. Please bring yourself and a laptop if you have one.

More info & signing up:

You can volunteer virtually as ever, not sure about virtual massages & pizza but we may be able to work something out !

If you can’t make, another project to consider looking at is bringing Hexayurts to Haiti,

“The Hexayurt Project is not a charity. It is not a business. It’s an open source project, with the same legal status as an unincorporated group of people writing software together and releasing that software into the public domain with each release. What we’re releasing isn’t software, but ideas, understanding and design…

…The real needs are very simple: food, shelter, water, sanitation. And those need to be provided for in an enduring way, three, four, five, six years because that’s how long it will take for people to get back on their feet and the economy to recover. The imaginary needs are also very simple: a rebuilt Port au Prince which looks just like it did before the disaster.

If we get the shelter and infrastructure right, the money from the international community can lay the bedrock for a new Haiti, a Haiti that works for everybody, not only the richest.” 1

If you can support this project by donating, please go to Science for Humanity who are trying to raise enough funds quickly.

1. Gupta V (2009), The smart money changing how we approach disaster, Bucky-Gandhi Design Institution blog, available at: