Moving at speed

Learning taekwondo is a great way to understand how you respond to – noise, movement of others (stating the obvious!), but its true – whether attacking or defensive movement, you try to learn how to position yourself, how to kick out and then retract – finding self control on these movements so that should you need to continue, you are in a position to do so. With sidekicks, if you get the balance and control right when you first bring your leg up, you can demonstrate great power when doing the actual kicking movement. I’m still not that good at this, but self control slowly improving.

I was partnered with one of the more junior members of the club on Saturday and we were practising sidekicks. It was a great learning experience about how I move too. He kicked with great enthusiasm and sidekicked me full on into the stomach which made me double up slightly, then did it again when we were practising sparring. Did I attempt to defend myself, apparently not! I have kicked my instructor before in the balls accidentally, I’m sure most people have done something like this at some point during their martial arts training – too many other things going on and you are a little nervous, want to do well and that overtakes the ability to just relax into the kick.

Its a long, slow journey – you don’t just learn these overnight. Last Sunday I was on a train heading to my class which was late arriving, so I ran out of the station, tried to jump over a low-ish wall at full speed – kind of made it over but slammed my knee into the top edge of one of the bricks ! No super-powers yet then, I kind of hobbled for a few steps then carried on running to the class – so had a great warm up at least.

I think I can also learn a lot from birds – this is amazing !