Poomsae – getting on with it

It was a good session last night, apart from having to do front hooking kicks near the end – which is one of the most interesting ways of evaluating just exactly how flexible you really are. I was really tired but gave them a shot.  There had been a black belt grading at the weekend where about seven of our club graded and all passed. Some of them first dan so looking very new and shiny with their black belt doboks ! It was great to see last night that the most senior black belt in the lines was female – the way she moves is amazing. In fact their whole family comes and they are all brilliant !

So poomsae – one of the other 4 Kups  – he has not been able to attend as much lately and he asked me to go through Taegeuk Yuk Jang with him.

And amazingly it really seemed to help, because I paid even more attention to how I was moving in order to try and demonstrate the sequences and between us – trying different things and discussing – its the roundhouse kicks in the middle where you are doing a  block with one hand and long stance with opposite leg then the roundhouse kick (1.12 and 1.28 in the video) which tend to bring you to a standstill, for some reason it feels really weird to do this, but if you try with same hand and leg you would be totally out of position for a roundhouse kick.

We did it  though ! Then brought back down to earth by one of the senior members of the class who mentioned that Yuk Jang is one that often comes up in gradings once you have moved beyond into the more senior belts.  Oh well, off to go and practise even more then !