Michael J Fox Foundation webinar about Parkinson’s Disease

I’ve just been watching one of the MJFF Virtual Roundtables which was available as a webinar, available soon, previous ones. Its the first one I’ve viewed. The Foundation is supporting incredible work. I haven’t read Always Looking up yet, but a friend has and said it was excellent.

History of Parkinson’s Disease.

Amongst many activities of the  Foundation, it tirelessly supports ( research into clinical trials, surgeries and physical therapies / exercises).  Activities like meditation, yoga, tai chi, walking, dance – can all help improve balance, co-ordination especially those who suffer with posture and gait related symptoms. There are many ways to support the Foundation’s work.

Their research:

With medications, the clinicians who responded in the webcast, mentioned that no two patients are the same, respond to treatments differently, the rate of progression of symptoms also varies. They are trying to understand if there are different groups of people who have physical, genetic similarities. People may have cognitive symptoms such as thinking more slowly, depression, mood disorders, so treatments for motor disorders may not be as effective for these as well.

I was not aware but there is research about gastrointestinal dysfunctions where there is also a loss of  dopamine neurons. They are looking at studies of the colon.

In June, they launched PDOnlineResearch which looks at how to interpret results – where researchers, scientists, funders can get together and  discuss findings, also making this available publicly, googleable ! It has grown substantially since its launch.

There are many other interesting areas discussed in the webinar, which I highly recommend watching. Will conclude this post with DBS – deep brain stimulation which is an evolving technique, being used at earlier and earlier stages. MJFF have funded many grants for DBS. I don’t know if this is one of them but it explains a bit about DBS: