Clever Decision Making – when to be safe and when to be brave

Have been part of the Women in Technology community since Poole, but have been unable to get to any events for over a year, wonderful to join go back. I attended a very valuable, inspiring Women in Technology session on Tuesday evening about Clever Decision Making.  The keynote was from Julia Thrul who is a very smart, funny, down-to-earth lady. The panel were excellent and the men present also (some do attend).

Julia took us on a great whistlestop tour of decision making, with many references to tools, good articles and books in her presentation . It was interesting to be part of such a thoughtful audience in these times, a lot of shared pain in the room, people making decisions about other people including in some cases, making redundancies, people who feel that they were not considered valuable enough to be consulted in decisions. Julia mentioned about good communication – such as being aware of how your mood can influence your decision and communicating that to any others present in a meeting.

A great takeaway is that if you communicate how you make decisions, others will be more likely to come to you to ask for your input re decisions, also

  • What type of decision maker are you, you are not the same as others making decisions around you
  • Decisions – judging by results or feedback (what happens when neither of these are apparent, how does that affect your next decision)
  • Asking right questions, different questions, don’t assume you need to know what is going on
  • Body language is significant – cues, tone of voice, what people really mean, online this is now more difficult
  • Awareness of what influences you – find your tools and methods that help you

She mentioned many great tools but one nice one is to just put into boxes the pros and cons of acting but also the pros and cons of not acting. One of the panelists, I think it was Paul also mentioned that when you choose not to make a decision, you are also making a decision.

Lots to go and look at further – I do sometimes write things down when making decisions, but probably not enough, writing them would be a good way of slowing down too. Some more for my learning map.