Mobile experiences – depends on how much insanity you can tolerate?

I’m still officially out of action in that I do not have a laptop. However after someone telling me that life is what you make it (and also learning experiences which I continue to believe especially through my martial arts experiences – you get out what you put in, inspite of any good or bad moments within the overall experience), I decided to see how much of cck09 I could continue to participate in using phone. I am sure that I will have forgotten this very soon so going to write now.  I also needed to ask myself some serious connectivity questions and ultimately testing some aspect of connectivism about how I understand it – if I don’t try with these circumstances and record both my emotions and experiences with the technology then it will be an opportunity completed wasted. I wish that some part of me could just have happily given up and I’m sure its the effect of martial arts training where you don’t give up, also having a possibly once-in-a-lifetime to take part in this experience is hugely motivating, technology challenges aside. Who knows if I could ever get to communicate with the people that I have been so far and the ideas that been expressed, again.

Eduardo asked me to blog this, I was kind of thinking January but won’t remember it then. Was going to take some mobile screenshots but don’t have the app on my phone right now and need to type this quickly. If anyone would like to see, please let me know and I will do.

This is using a Nokia N82 mobile device and approx 5-10 mins daily access to a pc during Mon-Friday

  • Twitter – fine except you only have 140 characters, I can not delete tweets either on mobile or standard version and I could also not find a quick way with Tiny Twitter yesterday (but there might be). So last night, I attempted to do a retweet and unfortunately substituted a zero in place of a O with the resulting link going to a German jobs website (can only imagine where it might have ended up!). When ‘crisis’ hit last week,  I did feel totally de-motivated but after exchanging emails with a lovely person, decided I had to do something and sent out a cck09 thought (can’t remember what) on Twitter with someone coming back to me that I don’t think I had ever spoken to before and that has happened a bit more over last week or so. Really nice – having felt completely disconnected (even though I wasn’t), just simple things like that remind you that your perception of connections is also important and a small gesture from another wonderful human being, puts the concept of being connected into perspective.
  • Twitlonger – I actually thought Twitlonger might be a temporary blogging / writing papers alternative, but the login button flashes and disappears.I whinged on twitter on Sunday and got an instant response from them – they are looking into a fix which will be cool.
  • Moodle forums – much better than I thought actually. Takes a few attempts to login, sometimes have to reload the page and scroll around  a bit (sometimes it takes a few seconds) in order for the buttons to allow me to type in password. Mobile phones do not really retain ‘state’ in the same way that cookie text files do on a pc, often each time phone is switched off they disappear, but the Moodle one has been retained a couple of times. Typing is ok but after a while – I can continue typing for as long as I want but the end of the box appears so I can’t see what I am typing. So end up having to post little series of comments instead of one. This is also interesting because when I am thinking & typing and can see all my comment in one place, I can refer back to what I’ve just written, but in this case I can’t see what I wrote a few seconds ago (and don’t seem to remember it) which as a result – I think, makes my comments less – coherent (perhaps not exactly the right word). But I never expected to be able to get into Moodle so its a yay !
  • CCK09 wiki is fine to read too – most wikis are ok for reading (when I say ok, I mean I would prefer on a larger screen – can put on tv-out so read on my tv at home but not great)
  • Can’t access Elluminate on this one (haven’t tried on a Java device – don’t know if its an option but if I do get a java device in next few weeks then will try out. Can’t see the whole page for the PLE sessions / speakers this week – I tried scrolling across but all I can see is the S of Speakers and the S of schedules and it won’t scroll any further right. But due to the cck09 hashtag – I can get updates for sessions via Google reader (or any RSS reader for that matter) They have provided audio too which is fantastic ! I would happily pay for this as an extra.
  • Blog – can write posts but the buttons for save and submit don’t work, so no good. Mobile wordpress is only on .org
  • PDFs / office – not great – in fact mobile PDF reading is ok but involves lots of zooming – as a result it is more difficult to process (for me)
  • Google mail and reader – doing most of cck09 reading through this – am happy with – I do a fair amount of moving between offices at the moment so can catch up in moments along the way which couldn’t do with even a netbook. I do need to look at roads when I cross them otherwise once again things may change more drastically but overall – another yay !
  • Ning – can read everything  but similar buttons problem – can write comments but submit or post button doesn’t work. Can send messages just not comments.
  • Reading generally – my biggest issue with this is screensaver timeout – its 1 minute (I guess its similar on others) – I have actually started doing some writing on paper too for now as a temporary solution (can’t type in notes on phone and look at something else at same time without closing each one and going back in ) so you have to keep pressing a key to keep it lit so you can see what is on the screen. If we are going to be using mobile devices more for these kinds of things, they will need to either add more time to one of their current ‘modes’ or add a reading mode – it is a design flaw as such.
  • I could use Utterli and do voice blogs and other voice comments, will think about it after the fight next week.

Speaking of fight – the more I am discovering about the brain, starting to think more about this one – I am aware of effects of some martial arts fighting – similar to boxing in terms of brain injuries – but now that I am only 10 days away from my next fight – I started to think more about my ‘neurons’ which are getting along quite happily I hope at the moment and what happens next week when someone’s foot makes contact with my head (do wear protective headgear) what kind of small explosion does that cause, don’t want to send my neurons and connections into unnecessary chaos, more than enough of that already going on – and not to mention if my feet also make contact with another person’s head (but that may not happen anyway!)

However there are lots of great people who have done martial arts for many years and the overall benefits of it – hopefully outweigh this ? Do they? Hmmm


  1. Thanks for this, Nicola. You´ve just been an inspiration to me. I´m drowning in work and haven´t been able to follow the course the way I wanted, but this post is delightful to read. It reminds me of disabled people´s stories, explaining how they make the best of their situation instead of waiting for it to change.

    Keep us posted:) Leila

  2. Leila thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a beautiful comment – you totally made my week X I hope you find some daylight in your work – I was encouraged by Luz Pearson’s ideas about joining back in later on and making her own learning out of it – such a lovely thought ! Take care & hundreds of good wishes !

  3. Hi Nicola,
    I was very interested to read about your determination in overcoming obstacles (no lap-top) so that you could stay connected with CCK09. I rely on a desk-top computer in a library – I am not able to download some things that I want to use as I do not have administrator rights. I ask myself whether I am using the resources that I have as effectively as possible….. At this stage I have put a lot of links to other CCK09 participants blogs so that I can gain a stronger sense of other people’s experiences of CCK09 – already I feel that by doing so – my learning experience will be enriched in a new way. Have a nice day! Best wishes for now…Maijann

    • Hi Maijann, thanks for visiting and great to see you! I now have my laptop back – not completely ok but kind of surviving for now. Having survived that I seem to have sunk again – bigger challenge in the last 2 /3 weeks has been work – especially this week, I hope to reconnect with all things cck09 in a bit more depth very soon. I like your pagecast, I need to organise my learning experiences better, I have not caught up with PLE week yet. There’s so much to look at everywhere. Totally agree with your comment about the experience being enriched by connecting and commenting on others blogs, a great way for both the blog commenter and blog author to experience different aspects and opinions.

      One area that I would like to do more with and have done nothing with so far in cck09 is visualization – have played a bit in the past – maybe will try something over the weekend, by pulling some blogposts or tweets into ManyEyesnot sure how to get the data quickly but if you are interested in experimenting too, pls shout ?

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