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Clever Decision Making – when to be safe and when to be brave

Have been part of the Women in Technology community since Poole, but have been unable to get to any events for over a year, wonderful to join go back. I attended a very valuable, inspiring Women in Technology session on Tuesday

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Pedagogy of the Privileged – openMBA, no I mean free and open

Firstly – the Schumpeter column examined the pedagogy of the privileged recently, looking for signs of business school activity in the light of the global economic crises, which have been reading and thinking about for the last week. “THIS has

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Dao/Tao and way

I have not caught up at all with martial arts blogs, have been skimming some and storing them for future reading, but wanted to look further at the Tao/Dao, having read through some Alan Watts books and saw a post

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Learning new ways – incredible stories of overcoming difficulties

Leila’s lovely comment the other day reminded me of these stories. I remember Anna, a student at Surrey who recounted her experiences of being virtually disabled: “A while ago everything was just amazing in SL at least for me with

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Back on the streets

(I think!) Back soon in more detail, until then…

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Mobile experiences – depends on how much insanity you can tolerate?

I’m still officially out of action in that I do not have a laptop. However after someone telling me that life is what you make it (and also learning experiences which I continue to believe especially through my martial arts

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This blog is temporarily out of action

Attempting to resolve some technology challenges so don’t think can realistically post for now Back in a bit!

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