Emptying my cup – Connectivism 09

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I haven’t posted my introduction yet, wanted to quickly & briefly scribble some things here first. I didn’t get involved last year for a number of reasons but in a better position this year. With my current role looking at collaboration, potentially with 180,000+ people (similar but different to when I was at PwC) I am very interested in hearing many perspectives on what it all means. I would like to thank both course facilitators for being both very courageous & generous in allowing others to freely and openly explore their theories together in a public domain.


Don’t really know where to start but will go for 1990.  I first heard Chief Seattle’s words on the One World One Voice cassette – I didn’t see the concert but heard those words which would then play over and over again in my head. I must have played the cassette hundreds and hundreds of times. I don’t know if I still have it, but a little while ago found the whole concert on YouTube. In a way I don’t dare watch it – it will spoil the haunting beauty of the words and music.

19 years on, these words still ring so true.

Somewhere around 2001 – 2003 it was magical to discover two wonderful people’s work – talking about being connected – amazing – how did they know, what did they know, why did they keep sharing their stuff for free… with my limited understanding of science I struggled to understand the key concepts of their work and it has been a fascinating journey which has led me here to join in 2009.

What has my cup been full of?

Cynicism – lots of it.

  • One world – I didn’t buy into a one world idea – I found it initally disquieting – there didn’t appear to be much room for diversity.
  • The web will make the world a better place – like many others 1990s & 2000s were a time of much experimentation – you can talk with all kinds of people, find ideas and views you could never have imagined existed, together we can create things, everything will be more open and transparent, education will be better, poverty will disappear, wars will be less etc etc

Indefatigable Curiosity

  1. What can we learn & collaborate online, how does it help us communicate, find stuff, change our perspectives?
  2. What is the difference between community and network – is it important?
  3. People, relationships and conflict in global networks, what is important in a global community, is a global community important and if it isn’t why not?
  4. What technology networks exist and what is their relationship with human beings?
  5. Are we all connected in ways that I/we don’t really understand and what is our relationship with developing and exploring technology to help us uncover these mysteries (see 7)?
  6. What are the differences between being connected via online networks & connected via mobile networks?
  7. Anyone who has followed any of my previous blogs will know that I have an interest beyond the point of obsession with mobile devices and mobile networks – for various reasons I am currently interested in all things mobile and health, especially physiotherapy. Fascinated by the relationships between networks, technology and human physiology. For clarity I do not mean these questions in relation to mobile learning.
  8. How can we use any of this to creatively provide access to others who can’t learn & collaborate in the same ways that we are so fortunate to do currently, how can we help them help others?

Very happy to dump the cynicism, but going to keep a few grains of curiosity in the bottom. Think that’s it for now.