Day 1: 30 days to be a better martial artist and person

I posted this morning but decided to delete it, thought it would be better to do when I have actually achieved some of the things I mentioned. I have just completed day 1 of Urban Samurai’s challenge

“For the next 30 days I want you to live and breathe your martial arts, I want you to devote as much time to it as possible. This means you will keep up your regular training but you will also train as much as you can outside of the dojo –everyday if possible. On top of that you will also figure out how you can make your training smarter by setting goals, increasing your focus and optimizing your training sessions so you get as much out of them as possible. You will also employ visualization techniques to help you along, you will meditate every day for the whole 30 days and you will read as much as you can on the type of martial arts you are practicing, by way of the internet or books or magazines.”

Pre-challenge health check:

  • Self-discipline: exercise / fitness – increased situps,pressups etc by adding 5 on most of this week. Due to being less than 100%, did slightly shorter runs but still managed 4 and will complete 2.5 taekwondo sessions including tomorrow morning. Have also climbed stairs to tenth floor when in that office, managed twice this week including once after a run – was totally out of breath and nearly fell through door at top, but hope to do this at least going in when I am in that building at least once a day and by the end of the month, maybe I can even think about jogging up some of them (do-able in 30 days? Hmmm maybe !) Feeling inspired by Meg on MartialArtsMusing if she can do that as a mom, I have no excuse for not pushing myself too.
  • Self-discipline: diet – better but nowhere near good enough. Need more vegetables and continue to cut as much junk as possible. Its so easy when moving from different offices across London all the time to do random food shopping so the discipline will be to get organised in advance so don’t do this. Must drink more water too.
  • Self-discipline: forms, kicking, stances practice – not managing time well enough at the moment to do this, so this will be the major challenge. Have busy work month and also hoping to join  Connectivism09* over the next few weeks. If I can build in 30 mins every day without running and other exercise suffering then that will be great.
  • Self-discipline: mind management – doing more with breathing but could do more, not sure if meditation is achievable but taking time to think calmly will be a start for now.

Day 1 Status Report:
Day1 Status Report from 30 day Better Martial Artist Challenge

I will do updates and insert as a RAG update graphic whenever I am writing blogposts generally, that way I can reduce the amount of time currently spending writing blogposts and use towards the challenge. I am going to do my next fight in October. I didn’t do the one in July, so really need to get back and face an opponent in full contact.

I will postpone Python & SMS also for the next 30 days, want to be as distraction-free as possible.

* I feel bad that I have not done anything about joining in yet with Connectivism, for someone who spent the amount of time in learning technology that I did, but I  have moved on…

Have been disconnecting from various people and things that I no longer need to be involved with so that I can focus better. Whatever actions I do over the next few days, weeks, months, the theme will be that of a gentle wind as opposed to tearing through as a tornado. I am more at peace these days, happier with a quieter life and see the 30 days challenge as a good way to learn more about focusing energy in relationships with others so that they are positive, think they are intricately tied. For anyone out there that wants to know more about connectivism:


  1. Hey Nicola. I’m very pleased to see that you are taking up the 30 day challenge. I have no doubt that you will get a lot out of it. It will completely change your perspective on the martial arts and training in general. I shall be eagerly following your progress anyway. Good luck.

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