Martial Arts blogs – 4 that I’ve recently discovered

Was lucky last night due to school holidays etc there was only a few of us which meant a lot more specialized guidance from instructor which was wonderful and painful – with less people to keep an eye on… Spent most of the session on stepping – avoidance as well as stepping into an attacking stance; and different kicks. The president of our association was over from Korea last week and did our grading session. He has been doing taekwondo for over 50 years (he only looks about 40!) and is a 9th Dan (not many of those around) it was very inspiring to hear his advice but now we have to do a lot more practice with kicks that involve jumping – so I will have to train much harder – if you’re under 25 or under 18 its a lot easier !

Anyway a couple of months ago, decided to google the world of martial arts blogging and now regularly read the following:

Blogging the Martial Way – Matt, the author recently has written and released a free ebook – The Student’s Guide to Surviving a Traditional Dojo. About the time this had been released and I would like to say that on the whole my experience has been amazing but I had temporarily found myself in a very awkward situation in my taekwondo classes and at one point nearly left – but instead of worrying too much, the section in this book on issues that come up, made me realise that it wasn’t just me and I was able to go and get the help I needed – to keep myself safe. Joe Hyams is totally right about the dojo being a miniature cosmos and I had got complacent – its not a safe haven against the real world, the real world walks right through the door with everyone that comes in. And by someone’s generosity in sharing their knowledge for free, I found help at a time when I really needed it.

There are great conversations on these posts too and wonderful ideas regarding techniques.

Another great martial arts blogs that has lots of blog conversations is Martial Arts Development. I recently read a fascinating post on Bleeding, Brainwaves and Feedback

Especially relevant to me is Colin’s Traditional Taekwondo Techniques , in fact I think this was the first martial arts blog I started reading. I really like the way he talks about both his students and his mentors. He wrote a great article about taekwondo and self-defence.

Striking Thoughts – has a great response post on mixed martial arts vs traditional martial arts and does a great weekly martial arts news post (at least I think its weekly)

I can’t wait to explore more – feel very lucky that in 2009, even with a highly physical activity we can still learn online.


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