Sketching – drawing with a mouse+mousemat appears to be like using a pebble to draw in the sand on the beach – not great for detail unless you have great artistic skills. I have a graphic tablet at home which not being used and now out of date – but still on the lookout for mousemat type tablet solutions that are a bit more compact. Haven’t joined yet but Sktechplanet looks a great place to start and also for sharing with others – Sketchcast still around too. Thinking more futuristic and gesture driven – oooii site is great to explore,

Following on from colour lovers – also texturelovers Short of time and want generate backgrounds, buttons and a whole heap of other stuff quickly ? 55+ extremely useful online generators

Interviews with designers from badassideas, more graphic tutorials, more design research, more on design principles
Haven’t looked at this yet but a design research area at IBM too.

Finally – just some random bits that I found interesting – can you apply design frameworks to business models in an MBA? Applying sustainable principles as designers, a great painted house (doesn’t it make you want to just run out and grab a paintbrush) and an interesting take on captchas


https://learn4kicks.wordpress.com, http://www/teazlewood.org.uk, http://mv2k.wordpress.com and several others

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