How violent am I part 2

This may well be an ongoing series.

In the original post, I concluded by saying that I should take up knitting. I did a blog search today – for taekwondo bloggers and found a brilliant one called Nicola Knits (well that’s a great name for a start) and she is a first Dan black belt – fantastic !

I love random things like this and of course the lesson is – maybe I should take up knitting…but that doesn’t mean I have to give up taekwondo. In fact I’m probably doing my next competition fight in about a month’s time – its about time to throw myself back in there.

I have also decided to take more drastic action with sidekicks and have recently started some more serious stretching, feel really motivated to improve fitness at the moment and hope to keep it that way. Huge intense challenges but incredible learning experiences every moment of them.