A (longer post)UPDATED: MBA rankings, second life and small but painful human suffering

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Interesting to see Global MBA and Business School rankings in the Financial Times today. They offer a range of ways to explore – charts, tables, maps and directory. This is the first time I have ever looked at anything related to MBAs in this newspaper – the MBAGym looks fun ! The rankings include a research rank.

“This is calculated according to the number of faculty publications published in 40 academic and practitioner journals. Points are awarded to the business school at which the author is currently employed. The total is then weighted for faculty size. ” 

Overall with e.g. the Global MBA, the business schools need to satisfy a range of criteria including accreditation, number of years program has run, number of graduates. The top 1 of 100 (Wharton) shows a 119% increase in salary after achieving an MBA. Nottingham in at 100 also show a 62% increase in salary after MBA. Salaries range from approx $90,000 to $170,000 although this is across all countries so unless in a global position would need to look at average salaries in the individual countries to get an indication of how this scores. For those working in global positions in firms, these would be adjusted as per the country your contract is primarily based in anyway, I guess (?)

Second Life – resources and other links
Following on from option A & B web learning options posted last week, final bit of scene setting turns to 3D. Does not include business school slurls (assuming there are some). Anyone who has been to NOAA, Scilands and many others will probably have been amazed at the detail and fascinating to use an avatar to explore inside shapes – however exploring these on their own will not necessarily help to decipher an economics post. Most of the links from the sledspaces wiki. As with any post, would welcome any suggestions, additions, recommendations or other feedback.

Economics (not a lot)
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B-Schools in Second Life (article) 
S&P500 visualized in Second Life (post)
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Sleducation (Business) (wiki)
SL economy (post)  

It may be more practical to understand economics in Second Life to buy and sell virtual goods or services, using the Second Life economy and following the exchange rates.

Maths education in Second Life (slideshare)
Math in Second Life (screenshots etc)
More sculpting from Segerman

Another option is to explore maths by creating, building objects in Second life using the free in-world builder.

Sciences (some very general science links only)
Scilands (over 40 Second Life islands focusing on sciences)
Science learning opportunities in Second Life (video)
An overview of Science-Related Stuff in Second Life (video)
Exploratorium (slurl)
Sploland (slurl)

There are many others…

Human suffering

I am not going to discuss all the extreme suffering that occurs throughout a lot of the world every day on this particular post.

I followed a link on Naked Capitalism blog  which was a video of West Side Story meets the economics crisis. I really like Yves’ blog and I will continue to visit there many times – I have learnt a lot already but don’t quite feel ready to contribute to the discussions yet. However I looked at this today and well as for anybody when in times of crisis, its important to smile when you can, sometimes it just seems like its too much. I don’t know anyone who has not been negatively affected by the recent and continuing economic crises. Not just the huge losses such as homes, jobs – just from talking with friends and colleagues, many other people have posted about these too:

  • how you feel if you are not able to provide for the people you care about, in ways you have been doing for years
  • how you feel when you work hard every day for many years yet continue to see industry professionals and Members of Parliament stealing, lying and cheating.
  • how you feel when you have worked hard for many years but can’t see any way of slowing down because your pension has no value 

scenes from the recession

Suffering is suffering whether big or small, it hurts.
I guess you just find ways to manage and never give up hope of finding something better.

UPDATE: after just getting off the phone with a friend who is buried in SATS and spent quite a bit of today repeatedly being called chicken nugget face by one of her class, somehow that puts it all into perspective Here’s to primary teachers everywhere !