What this blog isn’t and is about


  • homemadeMBA, at the moment, intention is not to explore and/or produce a kind of MBA alternative framework or package, there are many aspects to an MBA but for now I wish to focus specifically on economics and finance.
  • general learning theories – on previous blog, used to put more general thoughts  but not really looking to do this now, although cannot explore homemadeMBA without running into knowledge and technology
  • mobile learning – definitely not! Don’t wish to look at the why/how learning using mobile. Any experimentation will be more in a ‘garage science’ kind of way, and if its not fun it has no place here
  • providing  recommended lists of tools / technologies –  it doesn’t mean that I’m not going to mention any but if you are looking for either business or learning tools, my personal recommendation is Jane Hart’s C4LPT – I would be lost without it.*


  • exploring economics, physics, maths theories, philosophy, psychology and trying to understand where they fit /how they influence the current economy
  • investigating what ‘free’ means and how it relates to the current economy
  • random / wild experimentation and thoughts
  • random bits of design and web coding as it seems to emerge


* If you’re looking for advice on social learning and different technologies that can be used, Jane Hart is also an Elgg guru, her advice has recently helped us out so much with a project at the university.


https://learn4kicks.wordpress.com, http://www/teazlewood.org.uk, http://mv2k.wordpress.com and several others

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