Economic Education – Option A, I don’t care how the table was created

For anyone who is short of time, you have a choice with these blog posts, Option A below, is quicker to read and not really a post, Option B (contains waffle, more links and an idea that I’ve never done anything about) will be posted seconds after this post goes live.


Now a fantastic new page on this blog.

I realise the posts so far on this are not very well connected in terms of thinking, have been attempting to do some scene setting and this attempt to create a table might not actually be of any use. But now can return to spirit of learn4kicks and start having some fun!

Some free online tutorials / multimedia

I haven’t looked at any of these yet. There are thousands out there. Searching Youtube etc too. These are in addition to the ones on Free

Baseline Scenario
InDebtEd * Don’t recommend as a start if new to economics
 Don’t recommend as a start if new to economics
Welker’s Wikinomics  

Free online books – not recommended if completely new to economics, for when you’re really hooked and curious: Wall Street Stories , Risk, Uncertainty and Profit , A Tiger by the Tail

Maths / Science
Khan Academy
Story of Maths
Free Science Lectures
Physics Classroom
Learn Physics online
Maths, Physics Animations
Free maths courses online

*Via Workplace Learning / Brandon Hall