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Indices of Learning Technology Thinking / ers

Have been slowly driving myself mad today with attempting to implement something and now sick of looking at ftp windows, so decided to ignore my todo and toread lists as well; and write this instead. I’ve been thinking about this

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Some CSS to change blog font size and text-wrap images

Just two tiny little pieces of web code to change some of the styles in the stylesheet*. When I launched the blog last week, Eduardo kindly suggested that I should make the font size larger. I have also re-tweaked the

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Symbols – context is beauty

  You can see the flag everywhere in Turkey, I was often asked by tourists who looked at the moon and stars and said e.g. ” Is it to do with Islam, I’ve seen it on other flags and wondered

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Assuming Nothing: Auditing Your Understanding

  It is really difficult to try and create an assessment of what areas and levels of knowledge in different subjects are needed, in order to understand economic blog posts, ideas, books etc or what do I know, what do

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Heroes of Free: Learntastic Trends April 2009

Heroes of Free is still in several planning phases. In the meantime, three heroes of free (in no particular order) Jay Cross, Tony Karrer, George Siemens are running a series of conversations on learning in organizations on April 21st & 22nd.

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Awakening Your Internal Economist

Disclaimer: I don’t have anything particularly new to say by writing this blog, but going to add thoughts around many concepts which have been discussed by many others as part of this adventure into personal unchartered territories. In order to

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