Iffley to Abingdon

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Oxford Botanic Garden

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Defence and rights

During hustings in the constituency I was in, defence nearly always came up as a topic with a question along the lines of ….the defence review in 2016 and what is your opinion on defence of the realm…

What exactly needs to be defended and against whom, who needs to defend whatever it is and what would be an appropriate means.

So who is the enemy of the UK today? Is it the SNP who want greater independence (the right-wing media and Conservative administration have gone to town on this).  Why are they the enemy exactly? Is it because of their views on the failure of austerity and how to create a better society, or they may have more control on some assets which were previously part of an English pie too (not getting into the right/wrong of that here)? Is it just because they don’t do what some people want? And what exactly is a ‘UK’ enemy?

Who else?

Are people who are trying to manage mental health issues, learning disabilities, physical disabilities, not working, elderly, vulnerable, immigrants – so a perception that they are costing ‘too much’ – are they the enemy too?

So what exactly needs to be defended?

Land – if someone takes away land that previously belonged to others (e.g. NHS property, academies, police stations, council buildings), surely they are the enemy?

Homes – many people will never be able to afford one anymore, some people don’t have one at all. Who is or has been taking away these rights – surely they are the enemy – that’s what happens in wars and every story of war that is told.

Decent living – surely if someone from another country decides that you no longer have the same rights to living as you once had and starts to take away your rights – surely they are the enemy?

Overthrow governments – if forces from outside the country decides that a government is not doing what they want and invade (TTIP), surely they are the enemy?

Privacy – if forces from outside the country decide that they have a legitimate right to invade every aspect of a person’s life – in a just-in-case scenario – in previous centuries this would be have been defended against but instead they are being encouraged yet somehow not being considered enemies themselves?

In which case – where are our defence of our ‘realm’ and who are they defending? Certainly not defending anyone who falls into the above and any organised way that operations would be carried out. Where is the strategy, theatre, equipment?


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Finding a quiet place on Thursday away from all noise – media and politics ( note – how do I get away from myself). Breathing. Not deciding because someone has said, if you don’t then x will get in / not get in. Not deciding because of personalities or how their opponents have behaved – it’s not about their stage fight and stage fright. Who cares. They don’t have anything in common with me and they don’t care about me or my family. Any interest in my community is only based on assets they can take without asking.

Deciding how much interest they have shown (proportionate to party size, age and resources), how committed they are to something better and fairer than what we have now.

Breathing. Ignoring any idea about any future guilt I may experience or fear of consequences. We have the right to vote (before our human rights disappear before the UN’s eyes).


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David Nicholson is right: The NHS will need more money

Originally posted on Flip Chart Fairy Tales:

Former NHS chief executive, David Nicholson, warned last week that the financial problems in the NHS would become “crystal clear” before the year is out. He also said that the plan to make £22 billion in efficiency savings during the next parliament is “a big ask” and, given the NHS’s history, unlikely to be achieved. He’s almost certainly right and he should know. As he told John Humphrys, he tried to do something similar.

David Nicholson has become something of a hate figure on all sides, so much of what he said last week was drowned out by political noise. It’s worth listening to the interview though because he makes some valid points, one of which is that the problems the NHS is facing are similar to those in the health services of other advanced economies:

The good news is that the situation is the same everywhere. The difficulty is that no-one has found…

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Campaigning and battles

The last six months have been the hardest thing I’ve done – harder than any martial arts training I’ve done. Am still a white belt in campaigning terms i.e. for a political party. It is not the case as with martial arts training that you get to see the results of what hours you’ve put in as there are so many other factors.

And battles – which one/s to pick. Many people I’ve spoken to have said that this year’s campaigning has been the nastiest they’ve seen. And that’s another problem – what they’ve seen not what they haven’t. Some battles are too big to fight right now if you want to have any kind of impact. For me this won’t be about either celebrating successes or drowning sorrows or wallowing in regrets because there’s just too much stuff to do after May 7th.

But today for a few hours in the middle, I’m having a campaign and fighting battles siesta. Hopefully by the time I’m back later today, someone will have sustainably funded the NHS and other public services, given all the frontline staff a payrise, obliterated management consultants from speaking and acting ,stopped online hacking, tried Tony Blair for war crimes, prosecuted Wesminster child rapists, collected outstanding corporation tax, agreed sustainable funding for renewable energy for starters..well here’s hoping.

pink flowers


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Patter patter patter patter
Gravel again!
Crunch crunch crunch crunch
Crunch crunch crunch crunch
Patter patter patter patter
Patter patter patter patter
Rusty gate
Patter patter patter patter
Must not get blood on leaflets
Twist n push!
Patter patter patter patter
Patter patter patter patter
Woof woof woof
Woof woof woof woof woof woof
Slide n pull back!
Patter patter patter patter
Gravel again

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