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Campaigning or campaigners

I’m as guilty of this as anyone, especially when I’m tired and frustrated. Either you have time to campaign for a better world or you have time to complain about other campaigners.

One of the things I’m determined not to regret about campaigning in Witney is that you see the human side of both Cameron and the Conservative campaign team, even if they do want to destroy the NHS and NHS campaigners. (No need to bother with the latter, we’re quite capable of doing that without external assistance).

Far too much to do and not enough energy to do it alone.

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Superb Martial Arts events coming up

1. 13th July 9.30-12.30  Medicine Garden, Cobham TAI CHI with Master Mark Worsfold – a morning of Tea & Tai Chi

Come and join us for a relaxed morning of Tai Chi in the wonderful surroundings of the Medicine Garden.
Practice, discuss, watch or just learn about this Oriental Martial Arts and its benefits and applications.
Long/Short/Tai Chi Sword/Broadsword/Fan /48 Forms, Qi Qong plus much else
A FREE EVENT – But any donations will go towards the Medicine Garden Restoration Fund

2. 1st – 8th August 2015. Martial Arts Summer Camp, Master Jason King and Masters Niall and Liam Grange are taking this camp to new levels at this amazing location on the Cornish clifftops:

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Six Reasons Why Privatisation Is Bad For Our Health

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Originally posted on NHAspace:

Public health expert David Lawrence explains why competition and marketisation aren’t the change that the NHS needs. 

The NHS in England was once a collaborative and cooperative public service, with the aim of reducing our suffering, and improving our health. Over the last 30 years, successive governments have introduced more and more elements of competition, contracting and privatisation, including the purchaser-provider split, the Private Finance Initiative and ‘any qualified provider’. There are several reasons why this is not good for us.

1. Competition Creates Bureaucracy

Public financing, using general taxation and public, non-profit healthcare, has lower costs than a part-market system with for-profit providers and mixed public and private financing. The traditional NHS (pre-1980s) had low management costs of around 5%. That was perhaps too low, and required more expenditure on expert management data collection and systems management.

The Health Select Committee has noted that, by 2005, the internal market had increased…

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Oxfordshire Unite Against Austerity

Oxfordshire Unite Against Austerity!

Age UK Oxfordshire estimates that 14,000 of the county’s 120,000 pensioners are now living below the poverty line. They said: ‘Rising costs degrade the quality of life for people…Older people face a squeeze…Energy costs are rocketing, food does not get any cheaper.’ Many pensioners living in areas of Banbury and Oxford are officially classified as ‘deprived’ while nearly half of those living in rural Oxfordshire are in the worst 10 percent in the country in terms of accessibility of services.

Young people’s lives blighted by stress and cuts: Teachers say services are ‘at breaking point… The budget-cutting austerity agenda has reduced both staffing and resource levels in schools, placing increasing pressure on teachers to achieve more with less.’

Gina, disability activist: ‘I’m living on noodles, the belt won’t go any tighter. As a wheelchair user who needs kidney dialysis, I’m terrified. I depend upon DLA and I face the capping and taxing of DLA and the axing of Carers’ allowance’. Gina, an activist with DPAC, will be speaking at the Unite Against Austerity demonstration on Saturday 30th May,

Homeless and vulnerable people are being sent to live in Birmingham, Cheltenham and Cardiff by a council who’ve consistently failed to provide housing support in high-rent Oxfordshire.

High levels of nurse vacancies have led two community hospitals in Oxfordshire to shut beds.

Youth provision has been slashed by a third; libraries cut by half. There are 11 food-banks across the county, the only things keeping some Oxfordshire citizens from malnutrition.

The council has already slashed £300m from services. We face cuts of another £60m over the coming years, with £20m this year alone.

In disgust and united opposition to this relentless austerity Oxfordshire groups have called a demonstration in the city for Saturday 30 May:
Oxfordshire Unite Against Austerity!
Demonstrate – Sat 30th May
Assemble 12 noon, Manzil Way green, Cowley Road, East Oxford to march into town
So far supported by: Oxford & District Trades Council, DWP Bucks & Oxon PCS, Unite SE/6272 (community, youth, play and not for profit sector), Oxford Unite the Resistance, Anti-Austerity Oxford, Oxfordshire Keep Our NHS Public, Banbury GMB No1, Oxfordshire Unison Health, Oxfordshire NUT, Oxford University UCU, Oxford Brookes UCU, Oxford Love Music Hate Racism, Oxford Unite Against Fascism, waveofaction Oxfordshire, Oxford TUSC, Oxford Socialist Workers Party, Oxford CP, Oxford RS21, Oxfordshire National Health Action Party, Oxfordshire Green Party,  Oxford Marxist Society.

Follow the link below to add yours and your organisation’s name to the list of supporters

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Tax Research UK » My Queen’s Speech: a radical programme for the UK

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I posted this earlier but it has been removed from my wordpress account.

Does contain lots of swearing.


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