Campaigning and battles

The last six months have been the hardest thing I’ve done – harder than any martial arts training I’ve done. Am still a white belt in campaigning terms i.e. for a political party. It is not the case as with martial arts training that you get to see the results of what hours you’ve put in as there are so many other factors.

And battles – which one/s to pick. Many people I’ve spoken to have said that this year’s campaigning has been the nastiest they’ve seen. And that’s another problem – what they’ve seen not what they haven’t. Some battles are too big to fight right now if you want to have any kind of impact. For me this won’t be about either celebrating successes or drowning sorrows or wallowing in regrets because there’s just too much stuff to do after May 7th.

But today for a few hours in the middle, I’m having a campaign and fighting battles siesta. Hopefully by the time I’m back later today, someone will have sustainably funded the NHS and other public services, given all the frontline staff a payrise, obliterated management consultants from speaking and acting ,stopped online hacking, tried Tony Blair for war crimes, prosecuted Wesminster child rapists, collected outstanding corporation tax, agreed sustainable funding for renewable energy for starters..well here’s hoping.

pink flowers


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Patter patter patter patter
Gravel again!
Crunch crunch crunch crunch
Crunch crunch crunch crunch
Patter patter patter patter
Patter patter patter patter
Rusty gate
Patter patter patter patter
Must not get blood on leaflets
Twist n push!
Patter patter patter patter
Patter patter patter patter
Woof woof woof
Woof woof woof woof woof woof
Slide n pull back!
Patter patter patter patter
Gravel again

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The urgent need for a referendum on the NHS is being swept aside in a sea of pre-election promises

I find it completely appalling that after successive governments inflicting damage on the NHS over years that they are arrogantly trying to use it for their own ends AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN in 2015. No thanks!  I and many others will never trust them in the future because they are not representing the public interest (not even remotely close).

The Conservatives are making emotional speeches about the NHS with programmes of cuts planned. Labour are different how?

We need an urgent referendum on the NHS so all voices can be included which includes TTIP (Hellnolabour!)

Patients have suffered, Trusts have suffered, GPs have suffered, clinical and admin staff are leaving the NHS daily because they have been locked out of any decision making and facing the consequences of the corporate vultures, targets idiocy, strategies devised by management consultants that never work but waste millions of pounds (mostly paid to them) and policy havoc because they are politicians not health professionals. You could say the same for every public service in the UK.

Bring in a referendum date for a coherent debate on the NHS now.

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It’s the Tories that want something for nothing: the democratic contract and government responsibility

Originally posted on Politics and Insights - kittysjones :

430847_149933881824335_1645102229_n (1)
The Conservative defense of increasing economic inequality, the lionisation of Randian, Libertarian, selfish individualism and the proliferation of ideological justification narratives regarding the dismantling of the “Big (Welfare) State”, where the latter, in Orwellian fashion, is now being indicted for many of the very social and economic ills that the free market era has actually delivered has surely worn threadbare by now. 

It’s abundantly clear that it’s the Tories and the very wealthy that want something for nothing. Cameron’s mantra is “social responsibility, not state control equals Big Society.” Cameron, in his Hugo Young lecture (2009), claimed that the “Big Society demands mass engagement: a broad culture of responsibility, mutuality and obligation”.

But this isn’t about a transfer of political power or decision-making from government to the public: it’s a transfer of responsibility and duty only.

In true Orwellian spirit, Cameron went on to say: “The recent…

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Insidious invisibility and the death of doing – British Library Power and Propaganda exibition


Reposting Insidious invisibilty, relentless assault and the signs of a fightback. May 7th’s outcome is just the beginning of a sustainable fight back against Westminster and the refusal to change. More people are standing locally, more seriously and this will continue in future elections of any kind. In the meantime the relentless assault will attempt to tease people’s minds into giving up

Originally posted on learn4kicks:

I am using the #BLpropaganda hashtag (just an hour spent on twitter would probably reveal many hashtags which could be interpreted and also deliberately used as propaganda). I think they have a good mix of events and I hope to attend one at some point. The British Library just like many other British organisations are obviously limited in their topics and what can be mentioned, also their choices of who is perceived to be influential and interesting in directing people’s thoughts, as presenters at their events.

I enjoyed reading how they researched the power and propaganda exhibition,

I visited with a very knowledgeable friend yesterday at the British Library, fascinating to walk through the doors and be greeted by gigantic flags hanging down from the top floor (which were not related to the exhibition).

Common themes of humiliation and denigration using imagery, phrases, music, situating them in contexts that…

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Originally posted on Mole Valley to Oxford:

Interesting article in BBC Wildlife magazine by Bill Oddie about why conservation is so important.  He often get involved with opening this new Nature Reserve or that Conservation Project, and invariably there is always the local reporter who always ask’s the same question, “why is this project so important or why that reserve is so vital”, and he has to reply, invariably, “it’s because too many human’s don’t care”.

It made me think of a planning application that is going in, in our locale.  It is for 2,100 houses on a Green Belt site, next to an SPA, SSSI, LNR, SNCI near  a Conservation Area and AONB.  It means over 300 acres of Grade 3 Arable land will be tarmaced over and the former areas degraded or damaged.  All in the name of profit.

Disappointingly the local population have not objected in the numbers that are needed as there is…

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Get your on and offline bottoms to Witney

panoramic Cotswolds view of countryside between Kingham and Lyneham on the back roadsThe cancer doctor who launched a political party to save the NHS and is standing against David Cameron in Witney is calling on the Prime Minister to debate him on the NHS, which is currently the number one issue in the run up to the General Election. Dr Clive Peedell, co-founder and co-leader of the National Health Action Party, has clocked up hundreds of miles running ultra-marathons for the NHS.

But now he’s swapping his running shoes for 2-wheels as he returns to his roots to cycle around the West Oxfordshire constituency, next week.

Itinerary as of now (may be subject to changes):

  • Monday 23rd – North West – from Great Rollright to Kingham and beyond
  • Tuesday 24th – heading down the western frontier from Bruen, Carterton and down towards the Thames
  • Thursday 26th – after speaking at Witney Big Breakfast, heading north and into the Wychwoods
  • Friday 27th – a change of direction going south east of Witney
  • Saturday 28th – returning back into the Cotswolds including Witney to Chipping Norton.

Accommodation, bikes, cafes, pubs and more useful information

Can’t come in person? Join in online !

Want to know what Clive, NHA Party can do for Witney or UK if elected – please tweet questions/comments to @cpeedell using #AskClive

map of witney with white bike icons wot show where Clive is cycling


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