Breaking The Big Money Cycle

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It costs a Conservative candidate £34,000 of their own money to get a seat in the Commons. Nearly half of MPs elected in 2010 took a pay cut to enter parliament. Put these facts together, and the papers start talking about MPs’ salaries.

But there’s a more important story here. The sheer cost of fighting an election campaign acts as a significant barrier to entry. Even the Greens, with one sitting MP, rely on five and six figure donations from private donors. Independents and small parties have to compete against excessively well-funded campaigns from the ‘Big Four’, who are to a certain degree able to buy power. Such a system is in dire need of reform; however any party that promises reform, but gets in using big money donors, is likely to want to keep the current system. We all know that Scrooge McDuck isn’t going to vote away his fortune in a hurry.

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The roof of Blenheim Palace

Apparently it would cost around £40 million to repair. I am currently an Oxfordshire resident. How to fund it?  Just a couple of thoughts… With around 80,000 neighbours, quite a few of whom can a) spare time and b) cash

1. Personalised roof tiles?
2. Like building an Egyptian pyramid without mistreating workers, everyone volunteers a few hours labour under any relevant specialist expertise.

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Pre-election bribes in Witney and Oxfordshire

Oxfordshire is one of the wealthiest counties yet suffering unending budget cuts from Coalition policies at national and local level. People are not eating in some parts of Witney and Oxfordshire because they can’t afford to, or look  after themselves, or educate themselves. Short-term funding increases in the months before an election isn’t going to solve any of it.

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Election campaigns and issues that matter

Recent reports continue to show rising levels of poverty in the UK.

The Conservative party is spending over £100,000 per month on Facebook and that’s just Facebook.

Goodness only know what other big parties are spending.


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What is the Human Search Engine?

What is the Human Search Engine?.

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Charlbury – Witney

Soggy, muddy day but lovely views albeit through rain & mist – I went through Cornbury Park, then Finstock to New Yatt  / North – Leigh, then along the A4095 / Woodstock Road into Witney. It was great to go through a part of Wychwood and see the Evenlode too.

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Banbury – Chipping Norton

Yorkshire-sized walk today in lovely winter sun. It should have been 14 miles but I think approx 16 after getting lost and retracing steps. Wonderful views of Cotswolds. There was even a local stone wall.



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