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Mistakes and moving on

I’ve made my fair share of mistakes in life. One of the stupidest (possibly the most stupid) was not caring too much as a very much younger being, which ended up getting arrested in Turkey for smoking a cigarettes a

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Jason’s workshop on preparing for bullies

Jason has a great write up of a workshop he ran – noting that from sparring drills such as one step sparring we are in a position which may not reflect real life because as he says BULLIES ARE IN

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The nun teaching taekwondo to sick children

via Master Worsfold, via BBC Today she runs a weekly class for about 20 people, all of whom have brain tumours or childhood leukaemia. Most are young children, although three are now in their 20s, having trained under Sim for

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Mole Valley training

Forgot dobok but managed to bring back something suitable to train in. It was wonderful to pop in today and train, see friendly faces and catch up then practice, practice, practice, practice, practice.  I got there a bit early so 

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punching to the face in taekwondo – why I don’t like it

I was thinking about it after watching the ITF video which didn’t seem to sit comfortably. I’m not going to pretend that after 5 years of taekwondo that I would easily put aside punching several people in the face but 

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Hello Taekwondo

or how much is it possible to forget and how much fitness to lose in a few weeks – I’ve done a couple of runs both weeks but less walking. But with all the summer training – suddenly I’m running

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Pilates and exercises update

I’m clicking a little this morning but on the whole, I think I have noticed a tiny improvement. I like the classes very much. Pilates movements are very difficult to hold but also going to a regular class helps –

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