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Chatham House Rules will never apply again I’ve been at events under the ‘Chatham House’ rules but as the political parties in Westminster decided to rush through something they refer to as legislation about who sees what, then there is no longer any definition of Chatham

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A lone, silent Israeli man walking down a street in Jerusalem holding a sign saying ‘stop killing civilians’ just escorted away by security

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Mutuals aren’t back door privatisation of the NHS, they are right through the front door

Here we go again. Not saying there shouldn’t be any mutuals, but mutualisation of the NHS is a neoliberal con. One year before a general election and healthcare professionals are being told again by politicians that they will be able

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How to help declining hedgehogs

Hedgehogs are declining in the UK, this video shows things we can do to help them :) Leeds Hedgehog Sanctuary

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March for the NHS 16 August – 6th September

Why am I walking around 300 miles and NHS campaigning in general? According to a friendly Scottish person I know, it’s downhill all the way from Scotland ;-) But that’s not the reason. I am not a mum but I

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We want our NHS back!

Originally posted on Social Action:
      A letter a day to number 10. No 790. Sunday 06 July 2014. We want our NHS back! Shares are encouraged and welcomed. If this letter speaks for you and you wish…

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29 Brilliantly Yorkshire Ways To Welcome The Tour De France

Thank you so much to whoever helped choose Yorkshire for Le Tour, it’s lovely to have you here xxxxxx

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