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Plant geometry and plant hormones

With thanks to the kindness of the staff at the Centre for Plant Sciences in Leeds University, as part of my coursework unit on plant hormones, I had the opportunity to chat with Dr Stefan Kepinski about his recent research

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The coalition’s strategy of divide and conquer works as they pit scientists against health professionals: informed consent

Disclaimer – I work for National Institute of Health Research as a learning technologist and these are my personal views and not of my employer. I care a great deal about use of my data for medical research and feel

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Closing google account

Please feel free to read between the lines of any of the next sentences. I will be closing my existing personal google account soon (not this week). I now have to use a NIHR google account at work as yet

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Tea side effects and evidence for testing

The attached is a summary of some of the side / adverse effects detailed for taking tea. One in particular is use of licorice tea over 100 grams a day which could be possible by drinking as tea 3 or more

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Biology Coursework 2: plant hormone development

The second piece of coursework involves either a visit and write up or a report on an area of biological interest. I am hoping to arrange a visit in Leeds in the next few weeks but if not will write

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Value and Questions: Mark

Originally posted on Mole Valley to Oxford:
A student recently asked me, out of the blue, “Do you see saving rhinos as fighting ? If so, how do you manage to improve what you do to make it have more…

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Finally said goodbye to connectivism and connectivist thinking. As before it no longer resonates. Will continue to resist middle-class ‘weak’ cronyism, especially those that emerge from a diet of Wall Street and Westminster political malicious or apathetic manoeuvrings. It is

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Liam’s silat tari

Originally posted on thoughtsfornaught:
you may have read the article I posted written by one of my teachers, Master Niall Grange. I am also very fortunate to count at least one of his sons, if not both, as my teachers…

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Calm and fighting

I arrived early for training in Leatherhead so walked alongside a part of the river near the leisure centre. Some trees have fallen across towards the river but the water levels have dropped and there is some small flooding. Everything

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Biology coursework – the two teas

As in previous post, this will involve 2 types of tea. Re the zinc and selenium – I have not looked into recent efficacy studies of vitamins but have one mentally bookmarked. I currently take additional zinc and will be

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A bridge over you #NHS

Everyday thousands of miracles happen thanks to the NHS! Watch this amazing video. The NHS at it's best #iloveournhs…— #HelloMyNameIsJoan (@thebestjoan) December 21, 2013

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Thornborough Henge – a winter solstice wander

Watching the beginning changes in the sky before full sunrise was the perfect way to begin last walk of year in Yorkshire – at Thornborough Henge. We walked throughout the whole day and made it back to the car park

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Twitter blocking changes – may need more thinking through

Creeps and stalkers rejoice: Twitter waters down its blocking feature If someone has blocked a twitter user – could be a human or a bot – they can now still follow and retweet tweets made by you. In not all

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The “Oh God, I suck” moment

Originally posted on Martial Traveler:
by .Mitch Everybody’s experienced this. The moment where you say, “oh God, I really suck at this”. Maybe you’ve just screwed up some technique that you’ve done perfectly a thousand times, or some newbie has…

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Zhan Zhuang and pelvic posture

Learning Pilates to understand better about standing postures are helped by the speed at which the posture is moved into and held.  You can be in a neutral stance but then bringing yourself back to it as you change is

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Investor-to-state dispute and trade agreements

Caroline Lucas has tabled an Early Day Motion about investor-to-state disputes and TTIP. This agreement has been attempted in secret so far (similar also to TTP in US), probably due to the public discourse about the usefulness and legitimacy of

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Bingley to Keighley via St Ives Country Park

Into Bronte country today. We did approx 6-7 miles  including heading out of Bingley around various bits of St Ives and the Druid’s altar – believed to be used for ceremonies. Rainy but nice cheerful company as ever and very

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Kirkstall autumn

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Meanwood Park – Woodhouse Ridge – Leeds and back

A couple of weeks ago I needed to get some cereal so ran this route into the city centre starting from the bottom of Meanwood Park, across Monks Bridge Road and over into the park at the bottom of Woodhouse

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Online bit of biology not going to plan in some ways but in others…

For various reasons – including time available,  where I am now living and not having suitable place for laptop and sitting in positions which are less than helpful for posture improvement, I’ve given in and ordered a paper copy of

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