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A bridge over you #NHS

Everyday thousands of miracles happen thanks to the NHS! Watch this amazing video. The NHS at it's best #iloveournhs…— #HelloMyNameIsJoan (@thebestjoan) December 21, 2013

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Thornborough Henge – a winter solstice wander

Watching the beginning changes in the sky before full sunrise was the perfect way to begin last walk of year in Yorkshire – at Thornborough Henge. We walked throughout the whole day and made it back to the car park

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Twitter blocking changes – may need more thinking through

Creeps and stalkers rejoice: Twitter waters down its blocking feature If someone has blocked a twitter user – could be a human or a bot – they can now still follow and retweet tweets made by you. In not all

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The “Oh God, I suck” moment

Originally posted on Martial Traveler:
by .Mitch Everybody’s experienced this. The moment where you say, “oh God, I really suck at this”. Maybe you’ve just screwed up some technique that you’ve done perfectly a thousand times, or some newbie has…

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Zhan Zhuang and pelvic posture

Learning Pilates to understand better about standing postures are helped by the speed at which the posture is moved into and held.  You can be in a neutral stance but then bringing yourself back to it as you change is

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Investor-to-state dispute and trade agreements

Caroline Lucas has tabled an Early Day Motion about investor-to-state disputes and TTIP. This agreement has been attempted in secret so far (similar also to TTP in US), probably due to the public discourse about the usefulness and legitimacy of

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Bingley to Keighley via St Ives Country Park

Into Bronte country today. We did approx 6-7 miles  including heading out of Bingley around various bits of St Ives and the Druid’s altar – believed to be used for ceremonies. Rainy but nice cheerful company as ever and very

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Kirkstall autumn

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Meanwood Park – Woodhouse Ridge – Leeds and back

A couple of weeks ago I needed to get some cereal so ran this route into the city centre starting from the bottom of Meanwood Park, across Monks Bridge Road and over into the park at the bottom of Woodhouse

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Online bit of biology not going to plan in some ways but in others…

For various reasons – including time available,  where I am now living and not having suitable place for laptop and sitting in positions which are less than helpful for posture improvement, I’ve given in and ordered a paper copy of

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Why I’m opting out of sharing my personal medical records

via @NHAParty This has not been well publicised so that people can choose before it’s too late (a few weeks time). Read more on medConfidential about why or go straight to the letter (which you can download and take to

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The Emotional Labour of Care

Originally posted on A Better NHS:
A response to Medicine Unboxed Voice 2013 I was 17 years old, working as a health care assistant on an elderly care ward at Winchester hospital in 1988. I remember a morning shift when…

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From fighting against to fighting for

Apologies for the navel gazing but going to write anyway. Also being surrounded by several dragon masks and punching through all of them at once. Just talking with friends over the last few days has brought a sensing of change

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Health statistics and their meaning – Yasmina Okan, University of leeds

Yasmina Okan, of Leeds Business School presented some areas of her research, in particular denominator neglect at a lunchtime session today. She is also a visiting scientist at DeSciDE. Some scribbled notes Low numeracy feel less comfortable taking more active

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Some interesting martial arts posts I’ve read recently

Wim Demeeres – Don’t hate on the sheep – and also the anonymous commenter Something traumatic has to happen sometimes several times for you to realize you are the asshole you are learning to defend against My Taiji Journal –

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how high to kick?

Interesting post on Traditional Taekwondo Ramblings about use of kicks in poomsae,where it explains how use of mid-section height kicks is useful for self-defence. If you jump or reach beyond your traditional area of balance and co-ordination you are less likely

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Weeton circular walk via Almscliff Crag

Having seen it from Otley Chevin previously it was great to have an opportunity to walk around there. The route was 8.5 miles roughly along the lines of the below. It was very muddy in fields but lovely sunshine and

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Learning from “How we can reclaim our NHS” last night

Together with Leeds Keep our NHS public and Leeds Hospital alert, Sally Ruane came and joined us in Leeds, sharing her expertise and experiences. Sally Ruane is one of the founding members of the Centre for Health and the Public

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playing around with phone video camera – Aysgarth falls

have mentioned before on this blog about not having the world’s steadiest hands when it comes to video and cameras, however a recent trip to Aysgarth falls in Yorkshire, seemed like a good excuse to ignore that and try out

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Access to research data and healthcare

Clinical trials findings: I read through a short article by Michael Geist about the intellectual property provisions in the Canada/EU trade agreement, especially the implications of extending patents and how that affects where research and development takes place. I signed

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