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Jason’s workshop on preparing for bullies

Jason has a great write up of a workshop he ran – noting that from sparring drills such as one step sparring we are in a position which may not reflect real life because as he says BULLIES ARE IN

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The Professional Case for Withdrawing The Health and Social Care Bill

I find it somewhat strange when people say that the NHS (or any other public service for that matter) need to change. They’ve been continuously changing and evolving since their birth. As with anything in life there are always things

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The nun teaching taekwondo to sick children

via Master Worsfold, via BBC Today she runs a weekly class for about 20 people, all of whom have brain tumours or childhood leukaemia. Most are young children, although three are now in their 20s, having trained under Sim for

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Government Procurement and #NHS part 2

The attached is a list of everything using search term #NHS. They do have a bulk download option but couldn’t find easy way to pull out so had to extract manually. The value cost column is not necessary full contract

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Government Procurement and #NHS

I have been attempting to look for specific details today about a contract and went all round many houses and got nowhere but finally rescued by Google search. In my previous role I was beginning to look for suppliers on

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Mole Valley training

Forgot dobok but managed to bring back something suitable to train in. It was wonderful to pop in today and train, see friendly faces and catch up then practice, practice, practice, practice, practice.  I got there a bit early so 

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Aging & Taekwondo part 2. Niall P. Grange

Originally posted on thoughtsfornaught:
the following piece was written by one of my teachers, Master Niall Grange, and first published on Niall’s Facebook page. many thanks to Niall for permission to republish here. if i can track down part 1,…

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“Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.”

Originally posted on Blogging on The Brightside:
– Dale Carnegie

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punching to the face in taekwondo – why I don’t like it

I was thinking about it after watching the ITF video which didn’t seem to sit comfortably. I’m not going to pretend that after 5 years of taekwondo that I would easily put aside punching several people in the face but 

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Blubberhouses and Thruscross

Into North Yorkshire today on a gentler 9.5 miles, starting at Blubberhouses, then past Thruscross reservoir and across moors including Barden Moor and Kexgill Moor before heading back down to Blubberhouses (including most of this 8.5 miles walk). The ground

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Hello Taekwondo

or how much is it possible to forget and how much fitness to lose in a few weeks – I’ve done a couple of runs both weeks but less walking. But with all the summer training – suddenly I’m running

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Clinical Informatics and Clinical Practice lecture – Professor Jonathan Kay, Clinical Informatics Director, NHS England

Some scribbled notes (not including my own opinion of them,, other than below the horizontal line, just pasting here what he said) Assumptions about wifi access in hospitals – where and how it is available, assumptions for new junior doctors

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Dr Clive Peedell completed his incredible run from to Manchester. We arrived early and were asked to move down towards the front as thousands filled up behind us – we tried to go back but were unable to get through.

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Attending #NHS299 today and other fighting thoughts

Firstly a reiteration about this being my personal blog and does not reflect the views of my employer and also this is in my own time. It’s been a week of amazing people achieving amazing physical feats of endurance –

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I am in the middle of moving house – not moving very far away and six trips walking with stuff yesterday has meant that back and shoulders took something of a hammering but it looks like everything is ok. Second

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Pilates and exercises update

I’m clicking a little this morning but on the whole, I think I have noticed a tiny improvement. I like the classes very much. Pilates movements are very difficult to hold but also going to a regular class helps –

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quick visit to Saltaire festival

Took the 760 journey which was full of people going to Saltaire for the festival this afternoon.  Nice to have families joining on the bus too. Traffic was still slow due to roadworks and other things but some interesting views

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Biology practical coursework 1

There are two pieces of practical coursework that I need to complete in addition to following various practical experiments. I will be getting a science kit soon to assist. The first piece I am aiming to complete before end of

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Photos below. Spent the day with my mum in York who knows how to make the most of a day trip. We walked from the rail station trying to find a way up the walls then found one near the

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No cake until Christmas!

Enuff! I don’t know what it is about being in God’s own county – it all went horribly wrong in a lovely tasting way from about the first weekend onwards. Yorkshire is cakes and sweet things – amazing local bakers,

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