Which bits of the state do you plan to close, minister?

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The Chancellor tried his best to put a positive spin on the Autumn Statement but any optimism was snuffed out by the IFS yesterday. Here’s IFS Director Paul Johnson:

Some of yesterday’s biggest announcements were not from the Chancellor at all, they were from the independent Office for Budget Responsibility.

A polite way of saying don’t bother listening to George, just wait for the OBR figures to see what’s really going on.

Robert Chote and his team announced two big changes to the public finances. The first was a really substantial downgrade to expected tax revenues. It’s the fall in expected revenues of nearly £8 billion this year which accounts for the disappointing fall in the size of the deficit. Look out just three years to 2017-18 and the shortfall hits £21 billion. This lack of buoyancy in tax revenues, associated with poor earnings growth, looks like being a continued cause for…

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Allyson Pollock and why we need the NHS Reinstatement Bill

Professor Allyson Pollock at Oxford Town Hall, hosted by Oxon Green Party last week

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Autumn leaves

From top floor of bus, heading along Oxon countryside, near outskirts of Blenheim Palace :


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lots of shiny new policies at NHA party

Having recently passed our 2nd birthday, we are one terrific toddler ! There are so many people working really hard to get us to where we are today. Proud of NHA Party and their policies, yes please, decent people developing decent policies for a decent society:


There is clear evidence that the Coalition’s agenda to increasingly privatise the NHS and other public services is underpinned by the flawed and failed neoliberal ideology of the last 30 years, adopted by all 3 mainstream political parties. This is based on the idea that society is best served by the market with minimal state intervention, whatever the risk to a fair society. Thus we have been bombarded by policies of deregulation, privatisation of public services, tax cuts for corporations and the wealthiest in society, and anti-union legislation. This culminated in the worst economic crisis in living memory and has created a society characterised by gross wealth inequality, which is a recipe for worsening health inequalities, social unrest, environmental problems, and long term economic instability. There is an urgent need to abandon this approach and promote policies that will tackle inequality, to create a more stable and sustainable economy, and a fairer, healthier society.1

1. National Health Action Party (2014), National Health Action Party framework foreword, available at http://nhap.org/our-policies/national-health-action-party-policy-framework

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the easiest way to ugrade fitness routine

Do when tired

Lose count of number of press-ups, situps, lunges  you’ve done

Add in extra 10 by mistake

Lose concentration as quickly as possible


3 days in, now at 40 of everything, medicine ball and burpees have yet to make guest appearances again but…


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Rainy sunset in North Oxon

I was in a bus moving at speed so lots of blurry photos but the colours were beautiful

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Difficult Paths – Cook Ding’s Kitchen


On a lighter note. I am once again sans WTF, a few ITF places near but depends on where I end up living in the slightly longer than very near future. especially. The kids in AWTC Surrey have grown up and taking black belts this weekend which is amazing (especially the kids over 40)

I was so stiff after ITF last week. Here’s a good reminder of how not to be


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